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The ramshackle catwalks of Plaza Hedone.

The place started out as the mason's quarter, all builders an' architects, proper as you please. An' it just tickles me when someone in a fancy hat falls in the mud.
Augustus Sinclair[src]

Plaza Hedone, alternately Hedone Plaza, is a former shopping and residential area in southern Siren AlleySubject Delta is required to pass through here to get to Pumping Station 5.



Siren Alley-Plaza Hedone01

The upper balconies of the plaza.

Plaza Hedone was the central residential and business hub of the masons' quarter before it became the city's red-light district. As Rapture fell into civil war, most of the businesses and areas became boarded up and more illicit operations, such as the smuggling ring and illegal Plasmids lab, sprung up in the plaza. The sections that remained open became the domiciles of the many denizens of Siren Alley.

BioShock 2Edit

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There are several locations and ADAM corpses for Subject Delta to investigate in Plaza Hedone, but none are required; the main focus is the entrance to the Temple of the Lamb. All of these areas are destroyed in the ensuing flooding.

Little Sister's OrphanageEdit

This is by far the largest known Little Sister's Orphanage, spanning three stories with a number of rooms and a large lobby. The area is completely optional, but, should he decide to go there, Subject Delta receives a gift of money and EVE from Eleanor Lamb at the end of the dormitory room. Once he picks up the gift and leaves, he is ambushed by Spider Splicers and a Brute Splicer.

Joe's Green GroceriesEdit


Joe's Green Groceries appears to be a small grocery store at the south end of Plaza Hedone, but is actually a cover-up for an illegal Plasmids factory, originally run by Frank Fontaine himself. The meager storefront contains a bulkhead that one would assume lead to the freezers. In actuality, it leads to the multi-story, well protected Plasmid production facility. 

Pumping Station 5Edit

Pumping Station 5 is the main pumping station for all locations in the nearby area, including Siren Alley and Dionysus Park. It is now also the center of operations for Father Simon Wales' Temple of the Lamb and The Rapture Family. Subject Delta must go here to drain Dionysus Park and confront Simon Wales. The entrance is guarded by a Security Camera and several Splicers, including a Brute Splicer.

New DiscoveriesEdit

Single Use EventsEdit

  • There are 4 ADAM bodies.

New Plasmids and Tonics (Found)Edit

Audio DiariesEdit

  1. Andrew Ryan - Bury Her Memory
  2. Mark Meltzer - Lamb's Operation
  3. Sofia Lamb - The Requirements of Utopia
  4. Gilbert Alexander - The Pair Bond Mechanism
  5. Eleanor Lamb - My Name is Eleanor
  6. Frank Fontaine - An Empty Niche


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Hēdonē is a Greek word meaning pleasure, and is also the name of one of the daughters of Eros (Cupid in Roman mythology). It is the root of the word "hedonism", which denotes the pursuit of immediate, self-oriented pleasure.[1]


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