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For the Multiplayer Level of Point Prometheus, see Point Prometheus (BioShock 2 Multiplayer).
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The only way to get through that door Fontaine went through is to have a little one open it for you. Und they'll only trust you if you look like, sound like, und even smell like one of those big, stinking brutes.
Brigid Tenenbaum[src]

Point Prometheus, is the twelfth level of BioShock. Jack has to transform himself partly into a Big Daddy in order to pursue Frank Fontaine through the Proving Grounds.



The Great Will Not Be Constrained By The Small
― Banner[src]
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The librarian's desk in the Mendel Family Library.

Located at the edge of the city,[1] Point Prometheus was Rapture's genetic research center, mainly focused on the development of Plasmids and genetic modifications at Optimized Eugenics (previously the Fontaine Futuristics Genetic Research Department), and the creation and bonding of Big Daddies and Little Sisters respectively at Failsafe Armored Escorts and the Little Wonders Educational Facility. The Mendel Memorial Research Library which holds a collection of science books on genetics was also located there. Finally, Point Prometheus featured its own Memorial Museum dedicated to biology and notably Rapture's sea-life, and was later closed down and re-purposed into the Proving Grounds, an obstacle course to test Protectors and Gatherers.

The facilities were run by Dr. Yi Suchong under the management of Frank Fontaine and later Andrew Ryan after the nationalization of Fontaine Futuristics. During the first two weeks[2] of the civil war, Point Prometheus was overrun by rebels.[3] and Suchong relocated all his studies on his Protection Bond to his own secret laboratory in Apollo Square, eventually leading to his accidental death by a successfully-bonded Big Daddy.[4] After the rebels had been forced out of Point Prometheus, and Ryan condemned Fontaine Futuristics' headquarters,[5] the facility became one of the few remaining establishments to engineer ADAM products in the city.

By the end of the civil war and Jack's arrival in Rapture, the labs are in bad shape but still contain plenty of components scattered around for the creation of at least one more Big Daddy.


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Main Hall[]

The main hall of Point Prometheus is segmented into two sections and connects to all locations in the complex: the Rapture Metro station, the library, and the Memorial Museum turned Proving Grounds in the first area, and the science facilities in the second. Both halls have sea life displays, and the first at the entrance also houses the Genetic Modification Library.

Failsafe Armored Escorts[]

Failsafe Armored Escorts is the Big Daddy manufacturing facility. One enters this facility through two adjacent Decontamination Chambers. Inside are many areas vital in the Big Daddy creation process, including Candidate Induction, Suit Assembly, and Candidate Conversion.

Little Wonders Educational Facility[]

Where the little monsters are made.

This is the Little Sister training and production facility. The bottom floor houses several small cells for Little Sisters. There are numerous crayon drawings on the pink walls of the rooms, frequently depicting Big Daddies. The top of the cells are open to the level above, allowing observation by scientists on the top floor. There is also a room labeled "Autopsy," used for the actual surgery where girls are implanted with the slugs and physically transformed into Little Sisters.

Mendel Memorial Research Library[]

Presumably, this Library was used by the scientists who needed information on genetics during their research and development of Plasmids. Books found in this library include "Dawkins Law," "Evolutionary Biology," "Applied Genetics," and "Mendelian Practice." A shipment of Big Daddy boots was accidentally directed here, and can be found near the librarian's table.

Optimized Eugenics[]

The entrance to Optimized Eugenics.

This area contains several laboratories. Sub-areas like Plasmid Prototyping, Eugenic Analysis, Live Subject Testing, etc. suggest that this was an important laboratory where many Plasmids and other genetic modifications were developed and tested. One enters this facility through Decontamination Chambers.


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New Discoveries[]

Little Sisters in this Level

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Single Use Events[]

New Plasmids and Gene Tonics (Found)[]

New Plasmids and Tonics (Available at a Gatherer's Garden)[]

New Enemies[]

Coded Doors[]

  • 1921

Audio Diaries[]

For Radio Messages in Point Prometheus, see Radio Messages: Point Prometheus.
  1. Brigid Tenenbaum - Why Just Girls? - Little Wonders Educational Facility, Atrium Balcony, on a desk on the second floor.
  2. Andrew Ryan - Marketing Gold - Optimized Eugenics, Test Subject Storage, on a machine against the wall.
  3. Andrew Ryan - Mistakes - Failsafe Armored Escorts, Suit Assembly Upper Floor, next to the Gene Bank.
  4. Dr. Suchong - Extra Munitions - Optimized Eugenics, Plasmid Prototyping, on the ground near RPG Turret.
  5. Dr. Suchong - Protecting Little Ones - Failsafe Armored Escorts, in a desk on the Suit Assembly Upper Floor.
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  9. Dr. Suchong - Cheap Son of a Bitch - Failsafe Armored Escorts, in the southern-most room on the map, next to Circus of Values machine.


Extended Walkthrough

Conserve Electric Gel and look for components to make more. The player will not need it at this stop because the Big Daddies are easy enough to kill with other weapons/ammo, but they will need it badly at the Proving Grounds and in the battle with Fontaine. Try to be maxed out by the time one leaves, and have enough components to make another 100 units (on Hard—a little less on Medium skill). With Clever Inventor equipped, the components are 1 of each of the following:

  • Distilled Water
  • Battery
  • Alcohol

Unless the player have a surplus of these components, be careful of making other items, such as Heat-Seeking RPGs, which use the same components.


  • Fontaine will taunt Jack, but the player cannot shoot him because of the glass doors blocking fire.
  • At the last glass doors, he will send bots after the player.
  • For whatever reason, Natural Camouflage doesn't work so don't try just standing still.

Atrium / Main Hall

  • Go left, up the stairs, down the walkway.
  • Continue down the walkway and out the doors.
  • An RPG Turret is around the corner to the right with debris in the way.
  • Put a Target Dummy out past the debris, but where Turret can see it.
  • When the Turret fires at it, move in and hack it.
  • A Gatherer's Garden and Health Station are nearby.
  • Cross the middle walkway.
  • A FAK is to the right and a Circus of Values ("CoV") ahead.
  • Across from the CoV, Incinerate the ice blocking a door.
  • Inside: trash can with a recording: Changing Employers, cash, ammo.
  • Go left to the…

Little Wonders Educational Facility

  • Approach the doors from the left.
  • When they open, put a Target Dummy out front.
  • Go in and hack the Security Camera at the far end of the hall.
  • Go left and to the desk with the Big Daddy Pheromone Sample.
  • A Splicer is on the floor past the last desk.
  • When he gets up, two shots of Exploding Buck finish him off.
  • Recording: Why Just Girls? is on the last desk.
  • Continue to the other side and pick up the second sample.
  • Hop onto a desk stuck through the railing. Look into the room on the left.
  • Shoot the Splicer, then jump down into the room.
  • A third sample and 2 EVE Hypos are inside.
  • When exiting this room, notice a Turret in a room to the right.
  • It will not shoot Jack when the player comes out—too far away.
  • Put a Target Dummy in the Turret room left of it.
  • Run to the room, turn right, and hack a second Turret to the right,
  • Then hack the first Turret.
  • A Big Daddy and Little Sister are wandering around.
  • 5 Proximity Mines (or equivalent) are enough to kill him.
  • Walk to the back of this area to the…
  • Autopsy Room:
    • A Security Camera is ahead.
    • In the back of the room is Safecracker 2.
    • Most cabinets have components or cash.
  • Go back out to the Atrium / Main Hall.
  • One should find a Big Daddy roaming now. If not now, later.
  • Kill him and move on to…

Optimized Eugenics

  • Enter the doors on the right and wait to be decontaminated.
  • A Security Camera is inside on the right wall.
  • Stand to the right and watch the light before moving out.
  • Enter Live Subject Testing and head to the back room.
  • Visit the U-Invent and Voicebox Modification Prototype.
  • Pick up Alarm Expert 2.
  • When exiting the back room, several Splicers are playing dead.
  • If one inches out the door, one can I-Bolt two of them.
  • If the player takes too long inside, they may come in after Jack.
  • If a Big Daddy and Little Sister come around, finish the quota.
  • Skip the other rooms until later and return to the Main Hall.
  • Turn right and go to…

Mendel Memorial Research Library

  • A Spider Splicer awaits inside (or may run out to Jack).
  • A Security Camera is to the right.
  • Run in and jump over a fallen bookcase to get to it.
  • An RPG Turret is around the next corner to the right.
  • A Splicer is inside the center where Damage Research 2 can be found.
  • There is loot spread all around.
  • Exit back to the Main Hall and enter…

Failsafe Armored Escorts

The entrance to Failsafe Armored Escorts.

  • Candidate Conversion:
    • Around the wall to the left is a Machine Gun Turret.
    • Further left is an RPG Turret.
    • Put a Target Dummy to the right of the stairs ahead so that both can see it.
    • All the way back is assorted loot, safe: 2 Screws, Antipersonnel ammo, 3 Kerosene.
    • Recording: Missing Boots.
    • Go out through the doors on the right to…
  • Suit Assembly:
    • Turn left and go right of the large door (which comes later).
    • Melt the ice on the Storage Room door. FAK, EVE, CoV, recording: Cheap Son Of A Bitch.
    • Go back and upstairs to the first room. Recording: Protector Smell.
    • Exit to the walkway to the second room. Recording: Mistakes.
    • Exit to the walkway and kill a Splicer, then enter a third room. Recording: Protecting Little Ones.
    • Go down stairs to pick a suit.
    • Down the stairs into the water: Splicer hiding and Napalm.
    • To the left is a locked room with tons of good loot.
    • Go back opposite the stairs one came down.
    • To the left is a bulkhead door.
    • Inside is an RPG Turret to the right, Proximity Mines to the left.
    • Go back out the doors one came in and take the door to the left.
  • Candidate Induction:
    • Hacker's Delight 3 and helmets.
    • When leaving the platform, several Splicers attack.
    • After this, Splicers normally leave Jack alone.
    • An exception is if something normally triggers an attack, they still attack.
  • Go back to…

Optimized Eugenics

  • Now that Splicers, Turrets and Security Cameras ignore Jack, loot rooms skipped before.
  • Enter the left doors and visit each room. Continue to pick up components.
  • Test Subject Storage: Recording: Marketing Gold.
  • Eugenic Analysis: last Power to the People station, safe and Gene-Bank.
  • Backup Generator, in back: 3 EVE Hypos, Safe: Very hard. $100, 6 Incendiary Bolts.
    • (If the player doesn't have Electric Flesh 2, go to Security Monitoring to shut down the electricity)
  • Plasmid Prototyping: behind a now passive Turret is the recording: Extra Munitions.
  • Live Subject Testing: a return visit to the U-Invent all the way in the back.
  • Still needed but not available from the U-Invent are
    • Antipersonnel Auto Rounds, Electric Buck, Proxy Mines, Frag Grenades, Incendiary Bolts.
    • A lot of this can be found or bought at CoV. Get as much as possible.
  • Hopefully the player has not blown all of their ADAM.
  • One will need 160 ADAM to get the final health and EVE Upgrades before meeting Fontaine.
  • However, of one has any more ADAM to spare, the prices for Plasmids and Gene Tonics are cheaper in Point Prometheus than anywhere else, so spend away.

Main Hall

  • Follow the arrow downstairs.
  • If the player wants to take the Bathysphere back to prior locations for anything they may have missed, now is their chance.
  • Summon a Little Sister and follow her to the Proving Grounds.


Behind the Scenes[]

  • The name "Point Prometheus" was inspired by the Greek god, Prometheus, who gave fire to mortals and was punished eternally for it. Prometheus also created people from clay and was therefore a mythological "Frankenstein" figure (indeed, Frankenstein is subtitled "The Modern Prometheus"); it is therefore fitting that the Frankenstein-like experiments to create Big Daddies should take place here. He was also a Titan, as the tower at Point Prometheus is the highest building in Rapture.[6] Prometheus is also the name taken by the protagonist of Ayn Rand's Anthem.[7]
  • The "Mendel Memorial Research Library" is a reference to Gregor Mendel, the father of modern genetics. An Austrian monk and scientist, his pioneering research on genetic inheritance and its laws was critical to the foundation of modern genetics.[8]


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