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Poison Apple Sign
Siren Alley-Little Eden06

Left to rot.

The Poisoned Apple is a bar and store located near the entrance to Little Eden Plaza in Siren Alley, Rapture.


When Siren Alley still operated as the mason’s quarter, the Poisoned Apple served both visitors and residents as a bar and restaurant. From the street, a citizen could sit at the lunch counter style bar and order drinks. Employees worked within the main area preparing light snacks, ringing up orders, or serving shopping patrons in the facilities small store. Judging from the advertisements, the Apple presumably sold Richard's Farm Fresh Quality Cheese.

In the years following the Rapture Civil War, the business was abandoned and looted.

BioShock 2[]

Siren Alley-Little Eden02

The Poisoned Apple's neon sign.

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After entering the Alley, the Poisoned Apple is one of the first businesses Subject Delta encounters. One can see the now shuttered bar's interior from the latticed screen around the counter. The door to the shop area is locked so the player needs to find an alternate pathway to enter the Apple. A hole in the floor of the apartment above provides the needed entrance.

Storage Room[]

After jumping through the hole in the floor, Subject Delta finds himself in the storage room of the complex. The area connects the store part and the bar part of the Poisoned Apple. The rooms, at first, seem mostly empty aside from some burst pipes and freezers, but encased in the piles of ice are valuables. With Incinerate! equipped, Delta gains access to the EVE Hypos, First Aid Kits, Rivets and Machine Gun Ammo frozen on the floor. A corpse can be found stuffed in one of the freezers.


When walking inside, a Splicer will spawn outside by the counter. An Audio Diary and a Gene Tonic are found on the preparation counter. The cash register is untouched, but the only alcohol left is a single bottle of moonshine. Two Hack Darts are also found in here.


The shop next to the bar has been completely picked clean by desperate scavengers. The only thing left is the register. The door to the Plaza is locked but is hackable and Delta can move on.

New Discoveries[]

New Gene Tonics[]

Audio Diary[]

  1. Eleanor Lamb - Misbehaving - On the bar counter.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The bar's name could be a reference to the poisonous apple in the classic fairy tale Snow White. Its name could also be in relation to the apple in the Book of Genesis, as it is in Little Eden Plaza.