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Not getting out of here alive, Vox… What you've done?! Yer gonna burn…
― Policeman[src]

The Police are the principal law enforcement arm of the Columbia Authority. They are under the leadership of the Founders party, which officially governs Columbia.


From the Town Center to Finkton, cops are recurring enemies, but significantly less so than their better armed and more resilient Soldier counterparts, and they stop appearing altogether after Finkton Proper. Wearing a greenish-brown early 1900's style uniform with a 1920's style police hat, and little to no protection, these patrolmen are found where the possibility of unrest is not likely. As such, they wield lighter weapons, such as truncheons, Pistols, and Sky-Hooks.

Police officers locations[]

  • Town Center: The first cop can be found at a crossing arm, and more can be seen as Booker makes his way to the 1912 Columbia Raffle. Approaching them will initiate short dialogues. After the choice at the raffle, the police turn hostile and begin to swarm the area. The patrolling cops will come swinging along on the Sky-Lines with their Sky-Hooks. Most come with truncheons, with some carrying Broadsider Pistols. More cops will be encountered as the player journeys to the Blue Ribbon Restaurant.
  • Comstock Center Rooftops: A few cops are seen inside a home sketching a criminal suspect to a civilian, and will attack Booker if they spot him.
  • Battleship Bay: A few policemen are seen at a security checkpoint placed outside the entrance to the Arcade frisking civilians, and again inside the Arcade proper, but they are not hostile.
  • Soldier's Field: Once the player steals something, fires any weapon, or attempts to activate the gondola to the First Lady's Aerodrome, cops will appear on Main Street wielding flashlights along with their weapons, making it easier to spot them in the darker environment.
  • Finkton Docks: Cops with truncheons and pistols can be found on Beggar's Wharf, monitoring the workers and sitting around in a nearby office. Using your weapons or stealing anything will cause the cops to attack and call in reinforcements. Several cops can also be found around the Worker Induction Center. Once the player uses a weapon or attempts to possess a vending machine, all the cops in the area will turn hostile. However, the ones found near the service elevator are hostile regardless.
  • Finkton Proper: Quite a few policemen are present when Booker first enters the Plaza of Zeal. They will only attack the player if they turn hostile, possess any machine, or cross the barricade forbiding access to the Good Time Club.


Rank Type Health Melee Damage Ranged Damage
1 Police (Baton) 150 100 N/A
1 Police (Pistol) 100 25 94