The entrance to Prêt-à-Porter.

Look Like Your Betters
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Prêt-à-Porter is one of the departments at Fontaine's, located just left of the Pavilion on the first floor. Though completely optional, it’s recommended that the player investigates the area.


Prêt-à-Porter Mannequin

Ruined clothes on display in Prêt-à-Porter.

While the citizens of Rapture appreciated quality, not everyone needed a bespoke suit. To these were men and women, time was money and many of them simply had no patience for the tailoring and assembly of a custom-made garment. Instead, they'd simply get ready-to-wear clothing from the Prêt-à-Porter department.

In Fontaine's heyday, the Prêt-à-Porter section of the department store was a very popular retail outlet. In addition to selling off-the-rack clothes, Prêt-à-Porter also sold hats, shoes, and other outfit essentials. The sizable showroom had dressing rooms in the back, and useful Vending Machines like a Gene Bank and an El Ammo Bandito. Alas, all of this would be wasted when Andrew Ryan and the Rapture Central Council nationalized Fontaine's and hastily converted it into a prison for Frank Fontaine's followers. The department store was cut off from Rapture, lowered into a trench, and became an open battleground for Splicers.

Burial at Sea - Episode 1Edit

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Damp and disheveled.

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Episode 1

When Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth first reach the department, they find it is inaccessible due to the collapsed walkway. However, when Booker acquires Old Man Winter he is able to create an ice bridge by freezing the gushing water from the burst pipes and cross over.

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Dim lights and scattered merchandise.

The store is guarded by a turret and three Splicers, but by the time Booker enters the store, Elizabeth can use her powers to open Tears and help in the fight. A barrel of Machine Guns, a cask of Carbines, a decoy, or a samurai can be summoned to even the odds against the assailants. Inside one of the dressing rooms Booker finds the Shotgun and the audio diary Ghost in the Machine next to the Corpse of a man who was chained to the floor; the phrase “Down in the Briny!” is written in blood above his beaten body. There’s an Infusion in the other stall. Three more Splicers charge in as Booker and Elizabeth leave the department to continue their journey.

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  1. Herschel Weiss - Ghost in the Machine - In the second dressing room.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Even a little can help a lot – NOW Fontaine's Look like your betters

The "Even a little can help a lot – NOW" poster.

  • The "Look like your betters" poster found in the department is based off of a 1942 World War II "Even a little can help a lot – NOW" propaganda poster, designed by Al Parker.[1]
  • Prêt-à-porter is French for ready-to-wear clothing, which is factory-made clothes that do not require serious alterations as they come in standard sizes. This is distinct from high fashion as prêt-à-porter clothing is mass-produced at cheaper costs and meant for the general public.[2]


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