A file called predefined_plasmids.lst exists in the folder BioShock\content\system. This list shows many Plasmids and Gene Tonics, some of which did not make the final cut of the game, or now have different names, and others still that are in the game and do not appear in this list at all.

Several of the Plasmid names below can be used with the console command "GEP" in game to give the player the specified Plasmid without having to pick it up.

Content of Predefined_Plasmids.lstEdit

  • AirBlast: (Sonic Boom; nonfunctional in BioShock.)
  • BerserkRage: (Renamed "Enrage.")
  • BioAmmoToHealthConversion:
  • DiseasedExcretions:
  • ElectricTouch: (Combined with "ElectricBolt," which had a similar effect, but at range.)
  • Fireball:
  • FreezingTouch: (Combined with "IcicleAssault," which had a similar effect, but at range.)
  • HealthToBioAmmoConversion:
  • HoloGhost:
  • LifeDrain:
  • Sanctuary: (Designed to protect the player while hacking before the game was changed to pause during the hacking minigame.)
  • SpeedBoost: (Speed Booster; removed from the game in final version)
  • Teleportation: (Removed due to the number of possible glitches the developers encountered while implementing it.)
  • ArmoredBody: (Renamed "Armored Shell.")
  • AsbestosBody:
    Icon asbestosbody unused

    AsbestosBody icon.

  • BioAmmoPoolBoost:
  • Chemosynthesis:
  • ColdResistance:
  • DiseaseImmunity:
  • GasVentRegeneration:
  • GathererMimic:
    Icon gatherermimic unused

    GathererMimic icon.

  • GlowingBody:
  • HealthPoolBoost:
  • MedHypoOmnisynthesis: (Renamed "EVE Link.")
  • PhotosensitiveSecretions:
  • Rechargeable:
  • ShowMeTheCones:

  • ArmorWeaknessFinder:
  • MachineGunAmmoSpecialist:
  • BoltRecoverySpecialist:
  • ChemicalThrowerAmmoSpecialist:
  • CriticalHitBonus:
  • CrossbowAmmoSpecialist:
  • DevastatingCriticalHits:
  • SuperCooledFrozenBullets:
  • FastEquipper:
  • FastReloader:
  • GrenadeLauncherAmmoSpecialist:
  • HeatSeekingRPGs:
  • HighExplosiveBuckshot:
  • PistolAmmoSpecialist:
  • ShotgunAmmoSpecialist:
  • SteadyHand:
  • SuperHeatedBolts:
  • TwoRoundBurst:
  • VulnerabilityKnowledge:

  • Deconstructionist:
  • HypoMetabolizer:
  • ImprovisationalGenius:
  • LargerHackingHand:
  • PlasmidHypoGuru:
  • RecyclingExpert:
  • TileRotation: