Peach Wilkins Title Putting the Screws On
Speaker Peach Wilkins
Level Neptune's Bounty
Putting the Screws On
Peach Wilkins - Putting the Screws On
Transcript: Fontaine's putting the screws on us, and double. He's squeezing us out of 80 points of our cut with the threat of turning us in to Ryan if we don't play ball. Son of a bitch. Sammy G. comes and tells me he's thinking of going to the constable, and the next day, Sammy G. was found in a sack in the salt pond. We got no choice here. We stay on Fontaine's crew, and we're gonna catch the gallows. We take a powder, and we end up like Sammy G. There's gotta be another way…

Location: Freezer Bottom Floor, next to the safe.

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