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"The slugs alone could not provide enough ADAM for serious work. But combined with the host...
now we have something."
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Never could figure out if the thing's designed to cook a turkey or a Splicer.
― Booker DeWitt[src]

The Radar Range is a weapon featured in Burial at Sea.


Described as the "Oven of the Future", Radar Range was a powerful microwaving device created by Fontaine Futuristics. It uses a microwave energy beam to heat up food and cook it; however, the device was dangerous in the wrong hands and could be used to cook unfortunate people if turned against them. Although the device was advertised to the public as the "Oven of the Future",[1] it was also used as a weapon by Ryan Security.[2]


Using a Radar Range on Splicers will cause them to heat up and explode. Any enemies that are close in proximity to the target when it explodes will suffer splash damage. It should be noted that the weapon speedily burns through ammunition while the trigger is held.


  • High damage
  • High rate of fire
  • Splash damage
  • Very effective against Splicers.


  • Burns through ammo quickly
  • Ammo is scarce
  • Reduced effect against the Bouncer

Burial at Sea - Episode 1Edit

Radar Range Advertisement

The Radar Range Advertisement.

Main article: Burial at Sea - Episode 1

The player is first acquainted with the Radar Range when private detective Booker DeWitt and his client Elizabeth walks by a woman and a man discussing the new weapon/kitchen utility on Market Street. An advertisement can also be heard on the public address system.

Later on in Fontaine's, the duo can spot advertisements for the Radar Range throughout the complex, most prominently outside the Bistro at Fontaine's. Inside the bistro, they will find the weapon locked up in the freezer of the bottom floor kitchen and is secured with a number lock. The player will need to find the code to enter. The crashed elevator in the Electronics department will provide the player just that, in the form of an audio diary by Bert Unger, the man who locked up the Radar Range.


Radar Range Icon

Burial at Sea - Episode 2Edit

Main article: Burial at Sea - Episode 2

The Radar Range is available as a weapon for Elizabeth in Episode 2 as well and has the same function. The weapon is located in the Control Room at the Service Bay in Bathyspheres DeLuxe. However, there's no upgrade option and if the player is in 1998 Mode, the Radar will not be found.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • In 1947, the "Radarange", the first commercially available microwave oven, was built by Raytheon. This inspired the name of BioShock's Radar Range weapon.[3]
  • Unused game files indicate that the Radar Range had an additional function of being able to power open doors.[game files needed]
  • Collateral damage caused by this weapon will not count towards the Achievement/Trophy Confirmed Luddite.
  • Corpses can be exploded with the Radar Range. This includes corpses that were already present in the area before the player arrives. Corpses that are exploded will also damage nearby enemies.


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    Abe: "Cooks a fella from the inside out? Is the damn thing a weapon, or an oven?"
    Abigail: "Works with minnie rays… Or — or microwaves… Oh, I can't remember… All I know is it sounds dreadful."
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