The followings are all radio messages played in Fontaine's Department Store and Housewares department levels of BioShock Infinite's downloadable content, Burial at Sea.


Fontaine's Department StoreEdit

1. Sander Cohen - Pain and BeautyEdit

Pain and beauty. To an artist, they are parent and child.

2. Sander Cohen - SallyEdit

I'm sending you to find your… young one. (Laughter) No need to thank me. I'm not sure you'll like what you find.

3. Sander Cohen - Everyone has NeedsEdit

Everyone has needs. I merely provide a service for those who have the means to pay. You'll find your little bird in the housewares department.



3. Booker DeWitt - WakingEdit

Elizabeth. Come on. It's time to get movin'.

4. Booker DeWitt - Where?Edit

Over here. On the radio.

5. Booker DeWitt - You're Not BookerEdit

Of course I ain't.

6. Booker DeWitt - What Have I Gotten Myself Into?Edit

But, she made for some exceptional bait, didn't she?

7. Booker DeWitt - Had to Be DoneEdit

Did it?

8. Booker DeWitt - Punishing ComstockEdit

You educated him proper.

9. Booker DeWitt - Who Are You?Edit

I think you'll figure that out soon enough.

10. Booker DeWitt - I Was Happy in ParisEdit

That wasn't Paris any more than I am Booker.

11. Booker DeWitt - I Don't Even Know Who Suchong IsEdit

Not yet. But you know he's the key, don't you?

12. Booker DeWitt - Key to What?Edit

You're asking me? Elizabeth... I ain't even here.

13. Booker DeWitt - What Are You?Edit

Let me ask you a question: you feelin' like yourself, Elizabeth?

14. Booker DeWitt - Luteces Warned Me I Would CollapseEdit


15. Booker DeWitt - From a Quantum Superposition to Just MeEdit

A quantum what?

16. Booker DeWitt - I'm Never Going Back to ParisEdit

You decided to come here, Elizabeth. You know what that meant. Only option, as I see it, is to trust yourself. Find Suchong.

Ryan the Lion Preparatory AcademyEdit

17. Booker DeWitt - I'm Gonna Have to Use This Air-GrabberEdit

Well, a blow to back of his head will serve just as well. Be a hell of a lot quieter, too.

18. Booker DeWitt - That's Not What You Would Have DoneEdit

I'm not Booker. Just because your father did something one way doesn't mean you have to.

19. Booker DeWitt - Ambush SplicerEdit

You'll wanna get the drop on him, and quiet.

20. Booker DeWitt - Shhh!Edit

He can't hear what's only in your head.

21. Booker DeWitt - (Fail to Ambush)Edit

You're only gonna do real damage that way if they don't see you comin'.

22. Booker DeWitt - He's Not Getting Up Anytime SoonEdit

And what with his head all attached to his body.

23. Booker DeWitt - From Here On, it's Only Gonna Get WorseEdit

And how much worse is up to you.

24. Booker DeWitt - What Was That Memory?Edit

You know, don't you?

25. Booker DeWitt - My Memories of the futureEdit

You sure it's your future you're looking at?

26. Booker DeWitt - CrossbowEdit

You sure you're ready to use that?

27. Booker DeWitt - |Phencyclidine or Sodium ThiopentalEdit


28. Booker DeWitt - I Always Knew What Ammo to Toss YouEdit

Knowin' ain't the same as bein' ready.

29. Booker DeWitt - Why Don't You Ask Comstock How Ready I Was?Edit

Your father's blood runs in your veins, but it doesn't have to be on your hands. It's up to you.

Cupid's ArrowEdit

30. Booker DeWitt - Suchong on BillboardEdit

I don't follow.

31. Booker DeWitt - Silver Fin's Where the Tear Was That I Used When I First Came to RaptureEdit

But the first time you came to Rapture was in 1960. With Booker. When you drowned Songbird.

32. Booker DeWitt - NosebleedEdit

Elizabeth, you're... you're bleeding...

33. Booker DeWitt - ParisEdit

What did you mean before when you said you were in Paris?

34. Booker DeWitt - Once I Could See EverythingEdit

You're just like everyone else.

Bathysphere DeLuxeEdit

35. Atlas - Talkin' to NobodyEdit

If you don't mind me askin', love: why are you talkin' to nobody? If I had pegged you for a loon, I might have had second thoughts on our arrangement.

36. Atlas - But I Better Find the Girl the Way I Left HerEdit

You're in no position to make demands. But I must confess, I do like a bit a' sass in a lass.

37. Booker DeWitt - It's the Big Daddy That Killed MeEdit

You can't trade blows with him.

Silver Fin RestaurantEdit

38. Booker DeWitt - Arrived at Silver FinEdit

No sign of him now.

39. Booker DeWitt - You Told Me I Came Here for a Reason (Trying to open Silver Fin door from inside)Edit

Well, technically, you told yourself.

40. Booker DeWitt - I Appreciate the Reminder (Trying to open Silver Fin door from inside)Edit

Of what?

41. Booker DeWitt - My Tenuous Mental State (Trying to open Silver Fin door from inside)Edit

People ain't designed to see what you've seen. And now that you're just plain old flesh and blood... well, be grateful you've got things this well held together.

42. Booker DeWitt - Why Did I Need to Come Here?Edit

You remember, don't you?

43. Booker DeWitt - I Told You I Can't Do That AnymoreEdit

Concentrate, Elizabeth.

44. Booker DeWitt - If Lutece Particle Can Make a City floatEdit

It can make a prison rise.

45. Booker DeWitt - Lutece Device's Been VandalizedEdit

You'll fix it.

46. Booker DeWitt - My Tower Didn't Come Stocked with the Lutece Device Repair ManualEdit

You'll fix it.

47. Booker DeWitt - Yeah, I'll Just...Edit

Elizabeth. You will fix it.

48. Booker DeWitt - Elements are the CodeEdit

You always used to need a code key, or...

49. Booker DeWitt - Where is a Heat Sink?Edit

"Keep your cool with Old Man Winter."

50. Booker DeWitt - I Have to Repair the Most Sophisticated Piece of Technology Ever CreatedEdit

Elizabeth, you saw yourself make this repair. You can do this.

51. Atlas - I Need a FavorEdit

A favor? I don't suppose you've conjured up the miracle you promised yet?

52. Atlas - I'm Gonna Need Some Old Man WinterEdit

You might try where they hock them new bathyspheres. As I hear it, Old Man Winter's the only thing keeps their batteries from bursting into flames after five minutes.

53. Atlas - ThanksEdit

Think nothing of it. But it's the last favor you'll be gettin'.

54. Yi Suchong - VandalismEdit

Penalty for vandalism of Suchong device is death. Even for pretty lady.

55. Yi Suchong - Save Your Ammunition, Your Device Doesn't WorkEdit

Device work! Vandals sabotage! You are vandal!

56. Yi Suchong - I Intend to Fix Your Device Unless You Do it YourselfEdit

It's... not prudent for Suchong to return to lab. You say you can fix?

57. Yi Suchong - Give Me the Code to Open That DoorEdit


58. Yi Suchong - Your Birthday?Edit

Enough talk. Fix machine.

59. Booker DeWitt - Never Underestimate the Fallibility of the EgomaniacEdit

How'd you know that?

Service BayEdit

60. Booker DeWitt - Where There's a Bathysphere, There's Bound to Be CO2 ScrubbersEdit

And why is that?

61. Booker DeWitt - Elizabeth SighEdit

You ok?

62. Booker DeWitt - Now, I Only See DarknessEdit

You sent yourself here for a reason.

63. Booker DeWitt - A DebtEdit

If that's you want to call it.

64. Booker DeWitt - I'm Gonna Have to Kill Atlas, or He'll Kill MeEdit

Maybe so.

65. Booker DeWitt - Carbon Dioxide Poisoning Related to '52 Mako, But Still on the marketEdit

Steeply discounted, though.

66. Booker DeWitt - The StingrayEdit

(Whistles) All the way up there.

67. Atlas - Hard to WaitEdit

Any progress, love? I must confess, I'm becoming a wee bit skeptical.

68. Atlas - Why am I Supposed to Care?Edit

You see, me lads have taken a keen thirst for ADAM. And there's a vintage right in front of me that'll do nicely.

69. Atlas - If You Kill Her, I Truly Hope You Are Happy Living Down HereEdit

Fair enough. But remember. There are fast ways to harvest Little Sisters. And some very slow ones.


70. Booker DeWitt - That Was the Last of ItEdit

Now you think you can manage the repair?

Manta Ray LoungeEdit

71. Booker DeWitt - 'You Belong to Me'Edit

Elizabeth, this poster. What's this all about?

72. Booker DeWitt - Spent Two Months to Get a Line on Cohen's Trafficking RingEdit

Why not just kill Comstock and be done with it?

73. Booker DeWitt - Comstock Had to Know That He Deserved to DieEdit

And did he? Did he deserve it?

Back to Silver FinEdit

74. Booker DeWitt - Everything's FixedEdit

Let's fire it up and see.

75. Booker DeWitt - Open SesameEdit

What'd I tell you?

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