For the former Memorial Museum of Point Prometheus, see Proving Grounds.
Rapture Memorial Museum Sign

The entryway of Ryan Amusements' Rapture Memorial Museum.

That recording is a compact little insight into Rapture!… Think about it, my friends—how much needless suffering have we taken for granted?
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The Rapture Memorial Museum is a section of the Ryan Amusements theme park in Rapture. It occupies the central area of the park and features a number of exhibits with audio clips that detail the history of Rapture's construction. All but one of these exhibits have survived since Rapture's fall. The last is completely destroyed and none of its content is visible.


Dreaming of RaptureEdit

Andrew Ryan wakes one night, while cruising the Atlantic in his steamliner "The Olympian." His sleep interrupted with a singular purpose: "Here!" he shouts to his crewmen, as he wipes sleep from his eyes. "Full stop! We begin building here!"
― History Tour Audio
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Ryan reaches the location of Rapture in The Olympian.
VO EDU P Hist Tour 01

Traveling the DistanceEdit

Refitted for heavy construction, The Olympian returns with a new cargo: A State-of-the-Art Submersible Platform, nicknamed "The Sinker," ferries supplies and workers to the sea floor, fathoms below.
― History Tour Audio
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"The Sinker" is lowered to the ocean floor.
VO EDU P Hist Tour 02

Laying the FoundationEdit

After initial supplies had been brought to the sea floor, the platform is permanently moored in the sediment. Massive iron girders are sunk hundreds of feet into the rock and silt. Below the platform, engineers work to overcome obstacles, such as diamond-hard rock, obstinate sea life, and unexpected caverns.
― History Tour Audio
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The foundations of the city are laid.
VO EDU P Hist Tour 03

Rapture GrowsEdit

After the platform is secured, work progresses at an astounding rate. Designed to be the foundation of Rapture, workers toil around the clock to create the metropolis you see today.
― History Tour Audio
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Work on the city progresses.
VO EDU P Hist Tour 04


Concept Art and ModelsEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The "Rapture Museum This Way To Progress! Must See!" poster is a modified version of a Communist Party poster from the 1940's.
  • The "Memorial Museum" sign is reused from the Proving Grounds in BioShock.
  • The miniature Rapture, seen by the entryway, had its own display stand made for it, but it was left unused (seen in the gallery above). The model was designed by Lucas Aceituno.[1]


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