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"There is something more powerful than each of us, a combination of our efforts, a Great Chain of industry that unites us. But it is only when we struggle in our own interest that the chain pulls society in the right direction..."Andrew Ryan

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Rapture Records Sign
Rapture Records logo
He pays the rent for my 'darling little shop.' Which just happens to have everything Mr. Cohen here ever recorded. And some other people too—Sinatra, Billie Holiday.
― Silas Cobb[src]

Rapture Records was a record company and record label with stores located throughout Rapture. The most well-known branch was owned by Silas Cobb in Poseidon Plaza within Fort Frolic. Another was located on High Street. The establishment was a subsidiary of Sonorous Inc.

Known Records in Stock[]


So many choices, so little time.

BioShock and BioShock 2[]

Album Cover or Advertising Poster Title Artist Notes
Culpepper album
Ryan's Songbird Anna Culpepper


Why Even Ask Poster
Why Even Ask? Sander Cohen
  • Also exists in a stereo version
Record Album Cover Son BioShock
Son -


Record Album Cover Big Stuff BioShock
Big Stuff! -


Record Album Cover Masons Plah BioShock
Masons Plāh -


Record Album Cover 1 BioShock
unknown -


BioShock: Rapture[]

Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra are two artists mentioned off-hand in the book.

Burial at Sea - Episode 1[]

Album Cover or Advertising Poster Title Artist Notes
Whyevenaskposter bsi

Stereo version

Why Even Ask? Sander Cohen


Record Album Cover Rabbits Song BSI BaS
Rabbits Song Denice Culpepper
  • Andrew Ryan Sponsorship
  • Fontaine Publications
Cohen Elizabeth Poster
You Belong to Me Elizabeth
  • Produced by Sander Cohen
Record Album Cover Ascension BSI BaS
Acension -


Record Album Cover 1 BSI BaS
unknown -
  • Disc BCQ
Record Album Cover Passion BSI BaS
Passion -
  • Rapture Recording
Record Album Cover Deep BSI BaS
Deep -


Record Album Cover Contralto BSI BaS
Contralto Dizzying Quartet
  • six tracks
Record Album Cover 2 BSI BaS
unknown -
  • Disc BCQ
  • Rapture Recording
Record Album Cover Jessica Charlene BSI BaS
Jessica Charlene Jessica Charlene - Soprano
  • Disc BCQ
Record Album Cover Fabulous BSI BaS
Fabulous -
  • 1. Wishes - Singing Trio Mt. 1987
  • 2. Every Dream - Trumpet MT> 5:66
  • 3. Smooth Blue - Second Clarinet MT 8:44
  • 4. Nothing - Conductor 87
  • 5. Cream of the Crop - Bridge at 4
  • 6. St. Clare - Rose Betty
Record Album Cover Raptures Story BSI BaS
Raptures' Story James Mason
  • Andrew Ryan Sponsorship
  • Fontaine Publication
Record Album Cover Division BSI BaS
Division -


Record Album Cover 3 BSI BaS
unknown -
  • Rapture Recording
Record Album Cover 4 BSI BaS
unknown -


Record Album Cover Serenade BSI BaS
Serenade -
  • Disc BCQ
Record Album Cover Christal Clemens BSI BaS
Christal Clemens Christal Clemens - Soprano
  • Disc BCQ
Record Album Cover Jilians Melodies BSI BaS
Jilians Melodies -
  • six tracks
  • Disc BCQ
Record Album Cover Soprano Bassoon BSI BaS
Soprano Bassoon -
  • six tracks
  • Disc BCQ
Record Album Cover 5 BSI BaS
unknown -
  • Disc BCQ
Record Album Cover Rapture Jazz BSI BaS
Rapture Jazz -
  • six tracks
  • 1955
Record Album Cover Dance of Rapture BSI BaS
Dance of Rapture Taylor
  • Arranged and Conducted by TTalor

Record Labels[]

Label and Cover Title Format Notes
Bioshock Press Kit CD Sleeve
Bioshock Press Kit CD
BioShock Press Kit sampler CD
Bioshock-sor front
Bioshock Sounds Of Rapture CD
Sounds of Rapture CD
  • German edition of the original BioShock score with additional game dialogue in German dubbing.
The bioshock EP front
Bioshock EP CD
The BioShock EP CD
  • Features remixes of Bobby Darin's "Beyond the Sea" and Billie Holiday's "God Bless the Child" by Moby and Osar the Punk.
  • Also includes "Wild Little Sisters", a remix of the Faux Frenchmen composition, "Wild Ride" and in-game PSAs.
I Am Rapture Rapture Is Me Side A
Bioshock 2 Soundtrack CD
I Am Rapture - Rapture is Me Vinyl LP
Record Cover SITS
Rise Rapture Rise Record A Side
Rise, Rapture, Rise 45 rpm
  • Promotional record for the There's Something in the Sea alternate reality game.
  • Contains two versions of "Rise, Rapture, Rise": an unaltered recording and one abruptly ending with the voice of a Little Sister.
  • Matrix Number:
    • 11819 - 1352 - 7 (A) R-21815
    • 11819 - 1352 - 7 (B) R-21816
Rapture Records label BioShock 2
- 78 rpm
Rapture Records Label BSI
- 78 rpm


Rapture Records Marquee
Rapture Records

The entrance to Rapture Records.

Main article: BioShock
Come on to the record store, I'll show you what I think of your plinkity, plink, plink!
― Silas Cobb[src]

Much like the rest of Rapture, the Rapture Records store in Poseidon Plaza has fallen into disrepair by the time Jack sees it during the events of BioShock. However, the shop's deterioration isn't merely the result of collateral damage from the Civil War. Rather, the whole place has been torched by music devotee and former Sander Cohen disciple, Silas Cobb. Cobb has taken his anger at being imprisoned in Fort Frolic out on his own store: the sign behind the counter is crooked and flickering, the furniture has been tossed, and all the lights inside have gone out, making the only illumination that of the numerous fires throughout the store. Posters for Sander Cohen's various plays and the "SOng Bird" are scattered about and charred. Like most of Rapture, this section also shows signs of dangerous leakage.

Song Bird Poster

Silas Cobb is one of Cohen's former disciples that must be killed and photographed to complete Cohen's Quadtych. Cobb can be found in the record store, which has been rigged as a trap for the player. Jack approaches the figure sitting by the burning collection of records only to realize it's a corpse rigged with a time-bomb. Cobb is disappointed in not being able to take his revenge out on his former lover, but is content in sending a wave of Spider Splicers to attack Jack. After dealing with the fiery foot soldiers, Jack can turn his attention to Cobb.

New Discoveries[]

Records Sign

Audio Diary[]

  1. Anna Culpepper - Ryan's Stableboy - Located behind the counter on the top level of Rapture Records.

Challenge Rooms[]

Main article: Challenge Rooms

In the downloadable content, Challenge Rooms, Rapture Records is one of several stores operating out of Rapture's Grand Carnival during A Shocking Turn of Events. After the player picks up the Static Discharge Tonic, a Breadwinner Thuggish Splicer will hit the light switch (the only one ever seen in Rapture) for the shop's marquee and emerge from the store.

One cannot really investigate the place since, with the exception of the front entrance way, the inside of the store is shuttered by a security gate. It's too dark to see much of anything inside, but there is Coffee, a hypo of EVE, and a crate with the invention component Glue near the front.

There's Something in the Sea[]


A real copy of a Rapture Record received by fans.

Main article: There's Something in the Sea

In the storyline of the viral website There's Something in the Sea, Mark Meltzer came into possession of a record containing the song "Rise, Rapture, Rise" with a message hidden at the end of the track. This record came in a sleeve printed with the Rapture Records logo. Also, many fans who sent mail to Meltzer's New York City post office box received a copy of the aforementioned record.

Infinite Spoilers

Burial at Sea - Episode 1[]


Exterior of the Rapture Records store on High Street.

Main article: Burial at Sea - Episode 1

In the BioShock Infinite downloadable content, Burial at Sea - Episode 1, Rapture Records is one of many shops operating out of High Street. The store is large and has a sizable collection of records for sale, including Why Even Ask?, Ryan's Songbird, and a Rapture Radio record. In addition to LP records, the store sells musical instruments such as a guitar, cello, and a grand piano as well as a phonograph. The facility also repairs instruments as indicated by the number of fiddles in the back.

Rapture Records Deceit

"Even one more note shall prove my undoing."

The store is one of the sponsors for Sander Cohen's private club, and therefore the owner, named in the game files as Murray, is provided with a unique bunny mask as identification to enter the club. Booker and Elizabeth must visit the shop to look for the mask. Elizabeth poses as a music-loving customer to distract the shopkeeper while Booker searches the back room. There he finds a lockbox with a small amount of money inside and the mask box on a desk beside a trumpet. To hold the man's attention while Booker investigates, Elizabeth adopts the role of an audiophile nearly driven to ecstasy by the music.



Burial at Sea - Episode 1[]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Records sandwich board sign found outside the Poseidon Plaza branch is actually a royalty-free "Records" clip art.
  • The E3 2006 tech demo identifies the blonde in "SOng Bird" poster as Anna Culpepper. It is rarely seen in the game as it is obscured by char in the store and pockmarked with large bullet holes in the bathrooms of Rapture's Grand Carnival.
    • The "SOng Bird" poster is comprised of several stock images.
Scroll Victor - Bing Crosby
  • A proto-version of the record store can be seen in the BioShock Developer Commentary.[1] Noticeably the interior shows the uncharred textures of the record bins and flooring. The yellow sign that usually hangs behind the counter can be seen on the storefront.
    • The proto Rapture Records sign features a red label based on the "scroll" Victor Records design used on shellac 78 records from 1926-1937 which were issued in black and gold and red and gold variants.[2] The "VE" designation (for the newly invented electrical recording process) is replaced with a stylized "R".
    • On the soundtrack of the first game, Bing Crosby's "Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams" and Cole Porter's "Anything Goes" were originally issued on scroll Victors. Likewise, BioShock Infinite had Helen Kane's "Button Up Your Overcoat" and Burial at Sea had Al Bowlly's "Midnight, the Stars and You".
  • When entering Rapture Records, Cobb shouts to the player "Tell the old crow his music cooks better than it sounds!" This explains why the store is charred and burned out when the player arrives.
Rapture Records Rafters

The Easter egg hidden in the rafters.

  • The area in the rafters of the store where Silas Cobb's "kittens" appear, before attacking Jack, is covered with backwards "Ryan's Songbird" posters. This easter egg left by the developers can only be seen by using console commands to disable clipping (on the Mac or PC).
  • The stack of records in the back of the room uses the same model as the other record collections, which stand upright with the frontmost jacket leaning on the others. As a result, the top record in the stack appears to be defying gravity.
  • In BioShock Infinite, upon first entering the Lutece Labs, Booker will find a gramophone playing a disc with the Rapture Records label. Later, a similar record can be found in the Warden's Office of Comstock House.
  • The file CombinedStreaming_DLCB_LOC-pck-1394 in Burial at Sea - Episode 1 reveals an unused line of storekeeper dialogue: "If you're looking for popular music, try Sal's store in Poseidon Plaza. He carries that kind of stuff."
  • Beneath the stairs in Cobb's shop there is some debris with the dialogue "Unknown Item" if hovered over with the cursor. Only a few other objects in-game have this subtitle.