I hate to ask, but — is this happenin' to everybody?
― Ray Lardner[src]

Ray Lardner was a citizen of Rapture. Ray was among the cohorts of Frank Fontaine and likely worked in his Department Store.


Frank Fontaine was aware of Andrew Ryan's intentions of taking him down and needed some protection, so he called in some of his "best men" and began splicing them with Plasmids, including the new Old Man Winter Plasmid. Ray was honored to be chosen by Fontaine himself, but soon started to notice the side effects of the newly developed drinkable Plasmid; he noted that his skin changed color and despite trying to put on more clothes, he always felt cold.[1]

The Plasmid doomed him to become a Frosty Splicer, much to the benefit of Fontaine who used him in his final fight against Ryan Security. Ray was arrested after Fontaine's army was defeated and imprisoned at his Department Store, where his deformities continued to worsen.

Burial at Sea - Episode 1Edit

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Ray is encountered by Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth when they first enter Fontaine's Department Store. He can be seen being chased by two fellow inmates as he demonstrates the strength of his powers to freeze water from a large burst pipe.

While traveling up through the building, it's clear that Ray has used his powers to take control of the place, judging from the large number of frozen and impaled corpses around the different stores. Booker must confront Ray and his gang in Jack Frost's Village, where Ray has kept all the bottles of Old Man Winter stored.

Audio DiaryEdit

Burial at Sea - Episode 1Edit

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Although the Splicer encountered in Fontaine's main building is never said to be Ray Lardner in-game, the sound files list him as being Ray.
  • Ray Lardner's voice actor, Liam O'Brien, also provided the voice for Arturo.[2]


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