The following is based on the BioShock: Rapture novel and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Constable Redgrave was a thin, African American man of average height who spoke with a southern accent. He served as a security officer during the third age of Rapture, working regularly with Ivan Karlosky, Sullivan, Patrick Cavendish and Bill McDonagh.[1] Despite being a quiet member of the precinct as compared to his partners like Cavendish, he still was a loyal and strong force in Andrew Ryan's "Great Chain".

Redgrave and Karlosky had a close friendship, occasionally engaging in a good-natured exchange of insults. He was also a frequent guest of the McDonaghs, who invited him over for dinners on several occasions. This meant a great deal to Redgrave, who commonly experienced discrimination from the other lighter skinned citizens of the city.[2] Both Redgrave and Karlosky spent Christmas Eve of 1958 at the McDonagh residence, where they played poker and sampled Karlosky's homebrewed vodka. Redgrave was one of the few loyal constables guarding the 1958 New Year's Eve party at the Kashmir Restaurant when the bombings and riots began. Redgrave received a leg wound during the conflict, but he escaped alive with Karlosky and the McDonaghs.[3]

Redgrave was occasionally put on bodyguard detail with Karlosky in the unstable months following the bombings as the Rapture Civil War worsened. He was guarding the McDonaghs in Arcadia when Splicers attempted to abduct their daughter Sophie and her friend Masha Lutz. Sophie got away safely, but Masha was taken.[4] Redgrave seemed to take this personal failure to heart, and his feelings of guilt intensified when the Lutzes committed suicide after discovering that their daughter had become a Little Sister.

However, Redgrave's feelings of guilt did not overpower his loyalty to Ryan. When he, Karlosky, and Cavendish caught the McDonaghs and Roland Wallace attempting to escape Rapture in the Lighthouse, he assisted in capturing them. In the end, his past friendship with the McDonaghs caused him to be lenient, and he argued in favor of letting Elaine and Sophie McDonagh go, since Ryan had not specifically ordered that they be brought back. This decision was settled when Karlosky shot and killed Cavendish for his insults to Redgrave. Redgrave and Karlosky escorted Bill McDonagh and Wallace back down to Rapture, and Redgrave was present when Karlosky executed McDonagh on Ryan's orders.[2]


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