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Richard's Farm Fresh Quality Cheese

The business' sign as seen in the Farmer's Market.

Richard's Farm Fresh Quality Cheese Stand

Enjoy fresh cheese here.

Closing Down! Sale — 50% Off!
― Stand sign

Richard's Farm Fresh Quality Cheese is a small cheese business located in the Farmer's Market of Rapture.


Richard's is located only a few stalls over from Milton Fine Quality Cheese, a presumed rival, and the only other cheese provider in the market. Whether due to financial trouble or the growing unrest caused by the Rapture Civil War, the stand went out of business as the city plummeted into chaos. Its last business, before the collapse, was a 50% off sale.


Cheese Light
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When Jack reaches the market in search of Lazarus Vector components, the business is a husk of its former self. A Security Camera overlooks the stand while a Baby Jane Thuggish Splicer searches beneath the counter for some useful loot, but there's not much to find. Even though it is a cheese store, rotten pumpkins can be found on top of the stand's counters along with a carton of bandages and a pack of cigarettes. A lockbox containing an Empty Hypo and some film can be found underneath.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Early Richard's Farm Fresh Quality Cheese Poster On Loading Screen

The loading screen image.

  • The loading screen for the Farmer's Market shows a prelaunch image of the Richard's Farm Fresh Quality Cheese stand. Everything looks the same except for the business' sign which is simply called "Richard's Cheese" and has a very different image from the one seen in the final game.
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