"Oh magus, you have begun thy journey. Your master's temple has fallen but his work is not yet finished…"Orrin Oscar Lutwidge

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Dr. Richard Clerkwell, M.D., was mentioned in a news clipping related to the disappearance of Dr. J.S. Steinman during the events of There's Something in the Sea. He was a colleague and close friend to Steinman while he worked at Benjamin Church Medical College. After Steinman's disappearance, Clerkwell hired a private investigator to try to find him.



CAMPUS PARK — Twenty years ago, a Benjamin Church professor's
med school partner went AWOL — and he wants to know why. That's
why he's put together a fund to hire a private detective to track down his
missing friend.

Dr. Richard Clerkwell, M.D., is a tenured lecturer at the Benjamin
Church Medical College. 32 years ago, he became a close friend of Dr.
J.S. Steinman — a surgeon whose groundbreaking work in plastic recon-
structive surgery earned him a burgeoning reputation at a young age.
J.S.S. - mentioned in The Monthly Undergrounder

"J.S. was a genius," said Dr. Clerkwell, "a man ahead of his time. He
would have had an impressive career if he'd stuck to orthopedic surgery.
Then he moved into maxillofacial work and reconstruction. His variant
technique on the walkin-stalk skin flap method alone should earn him
a place in the history books. But with faces — he was more than a doctor.
He was a magician."
<———————— 1947? Details sketchy
A few years ago, that "magician "disappeared. And according to Clerk-
well, the details on why and how he vanished remain sketchy.

"Maybe we just got used to people vanishing during the war years," says
Dr. Clerkwell. "But the world can't afford to lose brilliant minds like