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Augustus Sinclair.png Title Rise of the Underdog
Speaker Augustus Sinclair
Level Pauper's Drop
Rise of the Underdog
Transcript: Sofia Lamb's had her eye on Rapture for years, and now she's got it. She started preachin' unity an' brotherhood for the downtrodden right here in the Drop. This movement springin' up around her is almost a kinda old-time religion. Now these governors Lamb's got in charge would never'a seen power in Ryan's day. They're nobodies, really. But I used to raise spaniels - an' the only thing meaner than the top dog ... was the underdog when he'd just plain had enough.

Location: Cult of Rapture Website.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • This removed audio diary is also featured in the localization texts under the name "Lamb's M.O.," and is associated to the file GTO_L_Sinc_GhettoDec_01.