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For turrets in Rapture, see Turret.

Rocket Automatons are a type of Basic Security Automatons encountered in Columbia in BioShock Infinite. As their name suggests, they attack Booker by firing rockets at him. Like the other automatons found throughout Columbia, they can be temporarily disabled by using the Shock Jockey Vigor on them or they can be turned into a temporary ally with the Possession Vigor. A friendly version of the turret can be summoned through Tears. Unlike their Machine Gun counterparts, Rocket Automatons are rarely encountered, only appearing in two levels throughout the game: the Factory and the Hand of the Prophet.


Rank Type Health Ranged Damage Explosion Damage
4 Rocket Automaton 1472 45 345
5 Rocket Automaton 1914 54 414


Behind the Scenes[]

  • Instead of a WWI era helmet as possessed by the Gun Automaton, the Rocket Automaton appears to wear an American Civil War kepi.
  • Upon destruction, multiple fragments of the same part can be seen scattered around the machine's base. An odd result of this is that several head pieces can be found, supposedly belonging to a single automaton. This can also be applied to the Gun Automaton.
  • The Rocket Automaton is Columbia's variant of the Grenade Launcher Turrets from BioShock and BioShock 2.