Yes sir, Mr. Suchong, sir.
― Roland Wallace[src]

Roland Wallace is a citizen of Rapture and one of Dr. Yi Suchong's test subjects.


The following is based on the BioShock: Rapture novel and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Roland Wallace was a key figure in laying down the foundations and the construction of Rapture, an engineer under the employ of Simon and Daniel Wales (Rapture's chief architects) and ultimately Andrew Ryan. Wallace continued as a senior maintenance engineer alongside Bill McDonagh up until 1959.

Wallace met his demise in a failed escape attempt, and was caught by Ryan's henchmen whilst waiting for Bill McDonagh and his family to join him on the surface. By the time the McDonaghs had reached the lighthouse, Cavendish, Karlosky and Redgrave had Wallace in custody. Elaine and Sophie McDonagh were permitted to continue with their escape, but Roland Wallace and Bill McDonagh were forced to return to Rapture with their captors. Upon their return, Wallace was led away and handed over to Dr. Yi Suchong to be used as a test subject.[1]

End of information based on the BioShock: Rapture novel.

Dr. Suchong used Wallace for the testing of the Enrage Plasmid within the Kure-All facilities in the Medical Pavilion on the account of Fontaine Futuristics. Moments after the Plasmid was introduced, Wallace began screaming uncontrollably, and attacked the personnel in the vicinity.[2]


Kure-All Enrage Site

Evidence of the Enrage Trial incident.

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If Jack enters the Kure-All facility in the Dental Services Area of the Medical Pavilion, he will find the audio diary Enrage Trial detailing the incident amidst the gruesome aftermath of the testing, in which a nurse appears to have been killed with a handsaw.


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