For the character in There's Something in the Sea, see Roscoe Inman.
It's the problem with coming to utopia… is that it still has the people.
― Roscoe Mullins[src]

Roscoe Mullins was a citizen of Rapture and the owner of The Watched Clock on High Street. He strongly believed in the ideal of The Great Chain, but shortly after opening, his diner was the target of petty thievery. As a result, he became more alert and resorted to keeping valuables locked up in a coded storage room.[1]

Burial at Sea - Episode 1Edit

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Roscoe can be found working at the counter of his diner on New Year's Eve, if Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth choose to enter. Roscoe is in a good mood and greets Booker as a regular, complimenting his female companion.

Audio DiaryEdit

Burial at Sea - Episode 1Edit

Behind the ScenesEdit


Roscoe's "head" model on the right.

  • Roscoe character as seen in-game, uses the head of a Columbia Citizen and the body of a Rapture waiter. His audio diary portrait is that of the original model, which was designed by Gavin Goulden.[2]


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