For the character in BioShock 2, see Rupert.
For the character in BioShock: Rapture, see Rupert Mudge.
Diary 21
But… but you two are dead! I took your funeral photo!
― Rupert Cunningham[src]

Rupert Cunningham was a photographer in Columbia. He was the one who ran the photography business Cunningham Studios in Downtown Emporia. He had taken a photo of Rosalind and Robert Lutece's funeral after they had died. Within a few days after the funeral, Rupert was visited and surprised by the still living Robert and Rosalind Lutece, who told him their "deaths" were caused by Jeremiah Fink. When a customer named Estelle asked him, he told her the whole story. But Estelle found this hard to believe, so convinced was she that the Luteces were, in fact, dead.[1]


BioShock InfiniteEdit


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