A Wall Safe.

For the brand with the same name, see Safe (Brand).

Safes can be found in offices, hideaways, behind counters in stores, stashed in corners, and sometimes behind paintings. They may be hacked or bought out in order to be opened. Once a safe is opened, the contents may be as rewarding as a plot item (gold outline), various loot or rare items.


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Only one safe in BioShock, the safe in Julie Langford's office, requires a code to open.

Recommended TonicsEdit

BioShock 2Edit


One of the safes in Ryan Amusements.

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In BioShock 2, if the player lands the needle in a blue zone during a successful hack, a cash bonus will be rewarded in addition to the items inside.

Recommended TonicsEdit

  • The Careful Hacker line of tonics will make the needle move slower.
  • EZ-Hack will make the green and blue zones slightly larger.
  • The Hacker's Delight line of tonics will restore a part or even the totality of the player's health and EVE after completing a successful hack.
  • Hurried Hacker will make landing in a blue zone complete the hack instantly.
  • Quik-Hack will make hacking have fewer stages.

Help Caption

Safes are securely-locked containers. The only way to open them is to hack them (or buy out the hack), but they always contain valuable items.

Safes typically present the most difficult hacks in the world of Rapture.

Getting a BLUE BONUS section while hacking a Safe will cause gain you a bit of extra Cash when you complete the hack.

BioShock InfiniteEdit


A locked safe in Columbia.

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There are also a number of safes found within the city of Columbia. Unlike the previous games, these safes require a certain number of lockpicks (from one up to five) in order to be unlocked. These contain Silver Eagles, and in some cases, other items such as Medical Kits. A few of these safes have already been opened, exposing the money inside. Occasionally, one can find silver and gold bars lying around opened safes.

Burial at Sea - Episode 1Edit

BaSE1 Housewares Jack Frost's Village Elizabeth Lockpicking Safe

Elizabeth opening a safe.

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Safes appear in Episode 1 of Burial at Sea. However, instead of the looting icon appearing, these safes expose the contents directly.

Burial at Sea - Episode 2Edit

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In Episode 2, Elizabeth is made the playable character, and safes in Rapture are now opened through the Lockpicking mini-game. Each safe in the episode contains a new mod for one of Elizabeth's Plasmids and Vigors. The safes encountered in Columbia are not unlockable or are already open and are simply there as stationary objects.

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