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Safe Battery
Honest! It's the best!
― Slogan[src]

Safe is a brand of battery found in Rapture. Similar to a 12-volt car battery, it has an outer casing and a positive and negative terminal. These batteries are used as a portable source of power.


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There are three known locations of Safe batteries in BioShock. The first is found in Neptune's Bounty next to Timmy H.'s electrified corpse. Patrick, one of Sullivan's men, used the battery to interrogate Timmy. The second location is in Fort Frolic. Sander Cohen used a battery to power the mechanism for the dynamite surrounding the piano. The final battery can be found in Tenenbaum's Sanctuary, on the table next to Jack as he wakes up. It is used to power the overhead lights.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Vintage ad-safe hit
Vintage ad-lincoln brand
  • Safe's mascot is Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States.[1] The brands slogan, "Honest! It's the best!" is a joke as Lincoln's nickname was "Honest Abe".[2]
  • Many products in Rapture have posters or advertisements crafted from repurposed vintage fruit crate labels. Safe Brand is noteworthy for having an image utilizing two seperate labels. The brand's logo appears to be an image utilizing the portrait from Lincoln Brand oranges and the lettering from Safe Hit Brand vegetables.


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