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Shady Lane overview

Shady Lane[1] is a location in Columbia's Town Center. Connected to the Raffle Park, Shady Lane is a path shaded by trees along a route lined up with stores and small businesses.

BioShock Infinite[]

Main article: BioShock Infinite

Initially, it is blocked from entry by two Columbian police officers. When approached by Booker DeWitt, they tell him to enjoy the festivities in the nearby Raffle Square.

After the events of the Raffle, the gates have been thrown open by officers seeking reinforcements. A Gun Automaton keeps vigilant watch as Booker faces off against a veritable army of police officers.

Along the lane are shops closed in anticipation for the day of celebration including the Cigar Shop, a pharmacy, a Patriot's Pride Confectionary, and the New Eden Cafe.

On the other side of the far gate, he finds Shady Lane engulfed in flames. He then faces off against a Fireman. Upon the Fireman's death, Booker acquires a bottle of the Devil's Kiss Vigor.

After obtaining the Vigor, Booker steps out into an open area and gazebo filled with fireworks for the celebration — and comes face-to-face with a Gun Automaton and more cops. After dispatching the lot, Booker sees that the docking port has been closed off. The only other building in sight is The Blue Ribbon Restaurant.

New Discoveries[]

New Vigors[]



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