For the shotgun ammunition in BioShock, see Buck.

Shells are the ammunition used by the Shotgun in BioShock 2. There are three types of shell:

00 Buck

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00 Buck is the base ammunition type for the Shotgun.

This basic buckshot for the Shotgun provides a devastating blast at short range.

Phosphorus Buck

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Phosphorus Buck is an alternate ammunition type for the Shotgun.

This powerful buckshot sticks to enemies, causing them to panic, and will explode after a short time.

Solid Slug

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Solid Slug is an alternate ammunition type for the Shotgun.

A single, solid shell, this ammunition is particularly effective against targets vulnerable to anti-personnel damage and can penetrate multiple targets.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Even though Solid Slugs are supposed to be less rare than Phosphorus Buck, the latter is first found in Siren Alley while the former are first seen in Dionysus Park.
  • All Shotgun ammo types have the "Black Falcon" logo on them.
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