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I waited weeks for that kiss and… ruined.
― Shirley Womack[src]

Shirley Womack was a citizen of Rapture. She worked at The Bistro at Fontaine's where she likely became a follower of Frank Fontaine


Shirley seems to have been a germaphobe, as she mentions in her audio diary that she couldn't help but worry about all the bacteria a man might have in his saliva and if he had brushed his teeth while he kissed her.[1] Such obsessive behavior is common with many ADAM users throughout, especially given Shirley's rambling speech in her audio diary.

Shirley was ultimately imprisoned at Fontaine's Department Store along with the remaining survivors of his army, and her separation from the city and its ADAM supply only increased her mental instability.

Burial at Sea - Episode 1[]

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Two of the Splicers trapped in Fontaine's are listed as Shirley in the sound files.

The first appears at the first floor of the Pavilion, feeding seeds to dead rats, whom she sees as sweet little "birdies". She becomes upset when they don't eat the seeds and worries that they might think they are poison.

Another is encountered at the same bistro where she once worked. Her mind clearly in shatters, she wanders around from table to table, making friendly chitchat with her "customers", who in reality are the corpses of fellow prisoners.

Audio Diary[]

Burial at Sea - Episode 1[]

Behind the Scenes[]


  1. Shirley Womack's Audio Diary: The Kiss