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One of the Signal Relay panels.

Looks like some kind o' pirate relay doohickey keepin' security under his spell.
Augustus Sinclair[src]

Signal Relays are plot-specific items in BioShock 2. Found in Fontaine Futuristics, they are special control devices created by Gilbert Alexander. They have been wired to four Bot Shutdown Panels to take control of a modified and invulnerable Security Bot used by "Alex the Great" to contact and torture his workers. After Subject Delta disables the panels, the Security Bot explodes.


  1. First floor, across from the Plasmid Laboratory Facade.
  2. First floor, Frank Fontaine’s Plasmid Spectacular Theatre, audience seating area.
  3. Second floor, Marketing Department, Marketing Offices.
  4. Second floor, Frank Fontaine's Office.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Signal Relays transmit Morse Code. All of them seem to translate to "WFFSSORE". If this means anything at all is unknown.
  • The Signal Relay model is reused for the Signal Beacon in Minerva's Den.