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Sinclair Metals was one of the many businesses owned by Rapture Businessman Augustus Sinclair. Seen in an area of Neptune's Bounty, it's likely the business was set up in other poorer districts like Pauper's Drop, where Sinclair made use of the desperate citizens as cheap labor.


Sinclair Metals would have served as an important asset to Sinclair. Not only would the recycled metals have provided him with materials for his other businesses, like for hypodermics needles for Sinclair Solutions ADAM products, and metal toys for Sinclair Toys, but it also allowed Sinclair to sell the metals to other companies to be used for construction and manufacture purposes.

BioShock 2 MultiplayerEdit

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In the multiplayer map of Neptune's Bounty, a Sinclair Metals takes up an entire wharf. Rusted metal covers almost the entire ground, untouched since the war disrupted every day like in the city. A large crane hovering over the wharf can be used by players to block the turret set up amongst the trash heaps.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Concept art shows that "Sinclair Metals" was originally named "Ryan Scrap Metal."[1]


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