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Skeet Shoot trophy

Skeet Shoot is an Achievement/Trophy in BioShock Infinite. The Achievement is worth 25 Gamerscore and the Trophy is silver.

Description: Killed 5 enemies while they are falling.


The player will have to kill 5 enemies while they are falling.


  • Any enemy that is falling will do.
  • The player can kill the enemies using any method they like, as long as they are killed while falling.
  • Killing enemies that are jumping off Sky-Lines and from platforms will count towards this Achievement/Trophy.
  • The final blow has to be done while the enemy is falling for it to count towards this Achievement/Trophy, meaning that the player can damage the enemy by other means.


  • Play on the Easy difficulty setting to kill enemies with less damage.
  • Human enemies (ex. Soldiers) are the easiest to kill. One should only try it on Heavy Hitters if they are extremely low on health.
  • One of the more efficient strategies is to use the Bucking Bronco Vigor. Use the Vigor on an enemy and wait for the floating effect to wear off. Then as the enemy falls down, kill it. Note that you only have a split second to kill it, as the time to do it is directly after it stops floating and before it hits the floor (It will not count if they are "floating" by the Vigor's effect: they have to be falling).
    • It is recommended to lower the enemy's health so it only takes one hit to kill it. Use weapons like the Shotgun as it has spread-fire, or the Volley Gun as it causes explosions.
  • Another technique is to lower the enemy's health and then hit them with Shock Jockey, immediately followed by a cast of Undertow. The enemy will die in the air caused by a combination of electricity and water.
  • The player can abuse the checkpoints in order to get this Achievement/Trophy. If you find a location where a falling enemies are present or the place fits perfect for a strategy, kill the enemies while they are falling, reload the checkpoint and start over. Great locations for this are:
    • The Raffle Park of the Town Center, after exiting the Raffle Square. Policemen will drop down to the park from Sky-Lines, making them perfect targets.
    • Patriot's Pavilion of Soldier's Field, where several Soldiers are found, directly after finding Bucking Bronco, making it an ideal location to try out the strategy.
    • Port Prosperity of Emporia, a great place to try out the Shock Jockey-Undertow strategy, as there are only basic human enemy types present.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Skeet shoot, or skeet shooting refers to an recreational/competitive activity where participants use a shotgun to attempt to break clay targets, usually discs, flung into the air from two fixed stations.[1]
  • The Achievement/Trophy icon depicts a man skeet shooting.


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