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The poorest area in the poorest neighborhood.

There ain't a side of the tracks more wrong than under 'em.
― Augustus Sinclair[src]

Skid Row is a subsection of Pauper's Drop in Rapture. Originally a Pump access station for the Atlantic Express, it was one of the worst places in the "The Drop."

BioShock 2Edit

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Subject Delta is required to go here in search of a Brute Splicer to research with his camera.


Market Sign Crude

For those who couldn't afford the high prices of the Farmer's Market, Fontaine's Department Store, or High Street, this no-frills, open-air marketplace was the best option. Here many low-quality, inexpensive goods were peddled such as cooked mushroom, boiled barnacles, $2 oil, and batteries. A Security Camera still keeps watch over potential thefts.

Swindlers and quacks, such as James Hollcroft, took advantage of the people's desperation to make a profit selling shoddy products. "Dr." Hollcroft took up residence in the defunct Reliable Pharmacy in the Market and created his own business in which he brewed and sold his "Doc Hollcroft's Cure-All." However, people like Harold Parson took it upon themselves to provide education and reading material to the masses by means of his Books shop. Some say that he was even stocking Sofia Lamb's publications.

Tenement ApartmentsEdit

Tenement Sign Crude

If people couldn't afford rents at The Sinclair Deluxe or The Hamilton, they crammed into tenement housing with far too many people sharing the single bathroom. Living here was a deeply depressing experience, and at least one resident chose to end her misery by means of a pill overdose. In response to the lack of space, a makeshift walkway connects the apartments to an additional room on the pharmacy rooftop.

The Limbo RoomEdit

The Limbo Room Logo

Also here is The Limbo Room, once a popular jazz and blues venue which hosted singers such as Grace Holloway, who sang for and about the "down and out" in Rapture. Sofia Lamb's supporters often handed out pamphlets between songs, spreading her collectivist philosophy. After the 1958 New Year's Eve Riots, the Limbo Room was closed down due to the economic crash, when patrons stopped coming.

New DiscoveriesEdit

New Plasmids and Gene Tonics (found)Edit

Audio DiariesEdit

  1. Mark Meltzer - Blood and Lamb - Books, on the counter
  2. Andrew Ryan - Pauper's Drop - Dr. Hollcrofts, in a room on the roof
  3. Jackie Rodkins - Sunday Services - Tenement Apartments, living room
  4. Stanley Poole - Mole - Near the Rosie Corpse in the pathway between the market and The Limbo Room Plaza
  5. Grace Holloway - Closing the Limbo Room - The Limbo Room, on the vanity mirror table in the Dressing Room


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