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Slot Machine.

A Slot Machine is a simple form of gambling found throughout Rapture's entertainment venues such as Fort Frolic, Sir Prize: Game of Chance, and the Pharaoh's Fortune Casino. They can also be found at the Mermaid Lounge and High Street.


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It will cost Jack ten Dollars to play a round on a slot machine. The first time Jack plays a machine, the machine will yield a payout $25. After the first time, all slot machines' odds of winning will greatly decrease. Getting a $250 payout also means acquiring the "Lucky Winner" Achievement/Trophy.

BioShock 2[]

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Slot Machines return in BioShock 2, although there is no achievement or trophy award for winning the highest amount. They appear in the Mermaid Lounge at Siren Alley, in a room with hidden protection Turrets, which will automatically side with the player when activated.

BioShock 2 Multiplayer[]

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Slot machines serve as stationery decorative objects in the multiplayer, primarily in the Fort Frolic map. The machines are identical to the single player design, but they do appear in both a blue and yellow color. Three new tiles has also been designed: a yellow bell, a blue fish and orange fruit.

Burial a​t Sea - Episode 1[]

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Booker DeWitt can play the Slot Machine in the pre-fallen Rapture. They can be most of the time found alongside a Need to Know Theater on High Street. When he plays the machine the first time, Elizabeth will comment, "Best quit while you're ahead". When the machine stops spinning, it will stop on 7-7-☆. The number 77 is the number on the winning ball that Booker chooses at the Raffle Square in Columbia.

Winning Combinations in BioShock and BioShock 2[]

Slot Machine AppleSlot Machine AppleSlot Machine Apple - 25$

Slot Machine DollarSlot Machine ClownSlot Machine Dollar - 50$

Slot Machine DollarSlot Machine DollarSlot Machine Dollar - 250$

Unused Tiles from BioShock and BioShock 2[]

Slot Machine Alarm Slot Machine Beer Slot Machine Bulb Slot Machine Glove Slot Machine Hive Slot Machine Target


Behind the Scenes[]

  • Although there are nine different tiles on three wheels with the potential of 729 outcomes, only four are possible in the game.
  • All the images on the tiles in BioShock and BioShock 2 are seen elsewhere in the game, except for the target duck.
  • Upon winning the $250, confetti shoots into the air and a fanfare sounds. This fanfare is the same as the one that plays when receiving Cohen's gifts.
  • In BioShock and BioShock 2, only one machine can be used at a time.
    • Also in BioShock, the slots can be re-rolled before the outcome, eliminating potential winnings from the first try.
  • Coins are seen spewing out from the slot machines and landing on the floor when winning in BioShock 2, which didn't occur in BioShock. These coins only have an aesthetics value and can not be picked up.