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Slugger is a Gene Tonic in BioShock 2 Multiplayer unlocked at Rank 26. When equipped, it allows the player to charge up melee attacks to inflict increased damage. When fully charged, the player can kill enemies in one swing. It is important to note that the time between swings is increased, so it is better to charge the attack instead of doing repeated swings.

Icon slugger


Jacob Norris Slugger Torch

Jacob Norris charging up his melee attack.

  • Combined with the Houdini Plasmid, the player can silently approach an enemy in complete safety to deliver either a devastating strike or a deathblow.
  • Combined with the Big Game Hunter tonic, the player can deal massive damage when fighting a Rosie.
  • If paired with Back Stabber, the player will ensure an instant kill on a Splicer, and can easily melee-kill a Rosie.
  • The Fast Feet Tonic will allow the player to move faster towards its target.
  • As the player is quite vulnerable while charging up this Tonic, the Leg Up Tonic can be used to avoid enemy attacks or flee.
  • This Tonic is also useful for the DLC gamemode Kill 'em Kindly, as a charged hit will instantly kill other players.