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For the Multiplayer Level of Smuggler's Hideout, see Smuggler's Hideout (BioShock 2 Multiplayer).
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…The only people who face capital punishment in Rapture are smugglers, and that's because they put everything we've worked for at risk. Imagine if the Soviets found out about our wonderful city, or even the U.S. government! Our secrecy is our shield.
― Public Address Announcements[src]

Smuggler's Hideout, or Smugglers' Hideout,[1] is the fourth level in BioShock. It is also the last area of both the 2D and 3D mobile phone versions of BioShock. Since the mobile phone versions end on this level and the console versions do not, they differ significantly from the canon. Jack's objective here is to reach the submarine holding Atlas' family and prep it to escape the city.


After Frank Fontaine recruited his crew, this became the place where the smugglers went about and did their business. According to Peach Wilkins, they had to take Fontaine's mini sub (although there's only a bathysphere ready) topside twice a week, pick up some choice goods not available in a remote place like Rapture: beef, real tobacco, and some little extras (bibles, movies etc.). The smugglers also stole large quantities of alcohol from the Rapture Port Authority.[citation needed] Fontaine also likely used his fishing fleet of submarines to transfer contraband from the surface, allowing much greater scale and scope to the operation, matching the size of the facilities involved.


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Jack has been instructed to rendezvous with Atlas at the Smuggler's Hideout in order to escape Rapture with his family. With both entrances sealed, it appears that no one has been using the Hideout since Fontaine's death. However, Jack comes to find that it's not as abandoned as it first appeared.

Flooded Cave[]

That mattress gives a new meaning to the term "waterbed".

The first area Jack visits in the Smuggler's Hideout. It was most likely used as a place for storing smuggled goods. The evident flooding must have started just before Fontaine's alleged death, as not all of the crates have been moved above the water level. Things of interest include a smuggled Vita-Chamber, a Gene Bank, and a pneumo tube, which the smugglers probably used to send messages as well as illegal goods.

Storage Cave[]

Instances of the smuggler's logo can be seen throughout the hideout.

A cave that was solely used as a means to store the contraband; a lone Machine Gun Turret holds watch for any potential intruders, set in the midst of smuggler's crates holding items like crucifixes and Tan Suan CoLa. Banners can be seen with the smuggler's insignia: a reddish-black hand. The room is dominated by a big machine similar in design to the Ferris wheel motor from the Rapture Grand Carnival.

Ledge Path[]

A path that overlooks the Submarine Bay. It serves as a storage place and a way to the control room.

Control Room[]

The bridge to Arcadia.

A room with a switch for opening the doorway to Arcadia. This allowed the smugglers to transport their contraband to other places in Rapture. Its only other use is to store products.

Maintenance Tunnel[]

A tunnel leading directly to Fontaine's mini sub and bathysphere. As the name implies, this tunnel was used for submersible and hideout maintenance. There are a large amount of pipes and hydraulic machines, possibly for pumping out water or circulating fresh air. A smuggled Health Station can be seen just outside the Control Room.

Submarine Bay[]

The minisub closely resembles a bathysphere.

The central hub of the hideout. Fontaine's minisub and bathysphere lay ready here. There's also a control board, whose function is most likely operating the crane above the mini sub. In an audacious affront to Andrew Ryan, a hidden passageway links directly to Arcadia, one of Ryan's business interests.


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New Discoveries[]

Audio Diaries[]

For Radio Messages in Smuggler's Hideout, see Radio Messages: Neptune's Bounty - Smuggler's Hideout.
  1. Peach Wilkins - Meeting with Fontaine
  2. Frank Fontaine - Kraut Scientist
  3. Peach Wilkins - Offered a Deal


Extended Walkthrough

Entry Passage

Flooded Cave

  • One crate contains a creme-filled cake and a cup of coffee.
  • Over at the Gene-bank are more crates, one has a glass of Arcadia Merlot.
  • Better switch to Electro Bolt and Telekinesis. If possible, take Enrage as well, it may come in handy.
  • At the end of the cave is a body dumped in a crate, he's carrying cigarettes.

Storage Cavern

  • Bolt or freeze the Turret to prevent trouble and take pictures .
  • Grab the Audio Diary, EVE Hypo and ammo.
  • In all, the crates here contain: Three bags of chips, a Creme-Filled Cake, a pep bar, one bottle of Old Tom Whiskey, Arcadia Merlot and two bottles of Chechnya Vodka.
  • Around the crates are three bottles of Arcadia Merlot, one bottle of Old Tom whiskey and a bottle of Lacas Scotch.

Ledge Path

  • There's a corpse with a bottle of Chechnya Vodka, Old Tom Whiskey and a glass of Arcadia Merlot.
  • Around him are two bottles of Arcadia Merlot, one Old Tom Whiskey and a Pistol.
  • Further up are more crates.
  • They contain: two cups of coffee, two packs of bandages and one pack of cigarettes.
  • Around the crates are two bottles of Arcadia Merlot, on Old Tom Whiskey and a First Aid Kit.

Control Room

  • Hit the lock and flip the switch.
  • When ready, go out, shock the Spider Splicer, take her pictures and finish her off.

Maintenance Tunnel

  • Enrage the Leadhead Splicers and take their pictures or take the pictures first and toss some barrels or canisters at them.
  • One final Spider Splicer arrives, shock her, take her pictures and kill her. There's a crate with a glass of Arcadia Merlot in the corner if needed.
  • From the Vita-Chamber, go down the stairs and to the far wall. Before going down the next set of stairs, turn to the fence and walk up to it. Use Telekinesis to get some bandages and Anti-Personnel Auto Rounds.
  • Break the lock and enter the room.
  • Pick up the Audio Diary, there are two bottles of Old Harbinger Beer and a Pistol with some bullets.
  • At the water's edge are some Dollars, equip Telekinesis and face the water. There are three pep bars, two bags of chips, bandages and Armor-Piercing Pistol Rounds to grab.

Submarine Bay

  • The explosion will kill any Spider Splicers left, loot their bodies.
  • While going through the doorway, look left and grab an Audio Diary.
  • There are two creme-filled cakes, bandages and a bottle of Old Tom Whiskey around it.
  • Before taking the bulkhead to Arcadia, there's one final trash can with Cigarettes in it.



  1. The PC loading screen for this level.