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BioShock Infinite Soda

Pap Drink Soda is one of several different types of beverages found in Columbia during BioShock Infinite.

BioShock Infinite[]

BioI Battleship Bay Pap Drink Soda

Two soda bottles seen in-game.

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Drinking soda will restore a small amount of Booker DeWitt’s Salts. Soda bottles can be found all around the city as well as on the bodies of defeated enemies.

Behind the Scenes[]

BioI Paul Presley Pick-Up Item Models

Pap Drink Soda, among other models designed by Paul Presley.

  • One of the meanings of pap is "material lacking any real value or substance." The brand name is most likely a joke made by the developers about sodas lacking any nutritional content.
  • The Pap Drink Soda bottle model was designed by Paul Presley.