Welcome to Soldier's Field sign

The mechanical centerpiece of the Welcome Center.

When the foreign hordes come marching into town…
Will you be prepared to stand those buggers down?
They’ll do their level best to take, all that’s rightly yours.
And it’s your solemn duty to keep them from our shores!
The readiness is all. (When the greenhorn muscles in!)
Oh, the readiness is all. (To bring down an alien!)
― Soldier's Field Jingle[src]

The Soldier's Field Welcome Center is the primary entrance into Soldier's Field of Columbia. It connects Main Street with the Battleship Bay gondola.

BioShock InfiniteEdit

Earnest Eagle Ship kiosk
Earnest Eagle standing statue
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A large Earnest Eagle animatronic display fronts the room, with mechanical Dimwit & Duke soldiers marching to a patriotic, racist song called "The Readiness is All".

Four Earnest Eagle-shaped and battleship-themed ticket kiosks line the room.

On the right is a Minuteman's Armory undergoing a bit of repair with a Lockpicking Kit lying on top of a crate. Around the corner is small display featuring a miniaturized version of the city, bobbing up and down to demonstrate the quantum field that keeps Columbia afloat. A Kinetoscope sits next to the model praising Rosalind Lutece's discovery.

Elizabeth will make a comment on how Soldier's Field was built to indoctrinate children to the idea of national service.

The door to the ticket office on the left is locked, but it can be opened using one lockpick. Inside the outer room is an Infusion.

The main office contains another lockpick, a locked Safe (which requires five lockpicks to open), and several Carbines at the ready. A Voxophone is shelved in the other open Safe.

The door to Soldier's Field is powered by Shock Jockey, but it is apparently unstable and unreliable as evidenced by the shorting out upon approach. The blaring music and mechanical devices fall silent and motionless. With some effort Booker can lift open the gate to find a poster ironically advertising the Vigor's independence from conventional power companies.

New DiscoveriesEdit

New WeaponryEdit


  1. Daisy Fitzroy - A Place in the World - In the open safe in the locked main office.


  1. A City in the Sky? Impossible!


Bioshock Infinite Soldier's Field Music

Bioshock Infinite Soldier's Field Music

The theme played in the Welcome Center.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The concept art for the Center was made by Jorge Lacera.[1]
  • During the conversation about the history of Soldier's Field, Elizabeth quotes from Proverbs 22:6.
  • The diorama uses the same low-poly models of Columbia usually seen in the distance in skyboxes.
    • Notably, early versions of advertisements can be seen such as a previous iteration of the Comstock poster, the "Baxter" poster for Hudson's Fine Clothing as well as the Mesmerize poster: the original name of the Possession Vigor.
  • Even if the player would return with Shock Jockey and use the Vigor on the gate machine, it will have no effect.
  • The filenames and an unused texture mask indicate that this area was called "Ernest's Armory" before being changed.


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