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Frolic-Sophia Salon-01

The sign on the exterior of the salon.

Sophia Salon is a clothing retail store located in the Southern Mall of Fort Frolic. The salon is made up of the main showroom and a sparse back room in the rear of the store. The Sophia Salon's last business, before the collapse, was a 50% off sale.


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Compared with some of the other stores in Fort Frolic, Sophia Salon is in surprisingly good shape. The proprietor is nowhere to be found.

The Salon's showroom contains men's apparel, lady's dresses, and several dressmaker's dummies. To the left of the Salon's entrance is a safe hidden behind one of Sander Cohen's sketches. It contains money, two first aid kits, and an Arcadia Merlot. Another first aid kit can be found on a shelf to the right of the store.

The store's backroom is a grisly sight, and Cohen's presence in Fort Frolic is exhibited here. One of Cohen's "models" has been plastered in a pose of terror sitting in front of a vanity dressing-table with a bunny mask arranged on top of it. Beside this "art" lies the audio diary, The Wild Bunny.

New Discoveries[]

Audio Diary[]

  1. Sander Cohen - The Wild Bunny - In the backroom behind Cohen's work of art.


Concept Art[]

In-Game Images[]

Behind the Scenes[]

Pre-Release Sophia Salon High Fashion Bouncer

An early version of the mall featuring a Big Daddy in front of Sophia Salon.

  • Both Bella Mia's High Fashion and Sophia Salon share the same subtitle ("High Fashion").
  • The Southern Mall is one of the earliest areas seen from BioShock, used for a demo narrated by Ken Levine and seen in promotional images. A slightly different Sophia Salon is briefly visited during the demo, where the player finds the Plasmid Splicer Irritant.[1]