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Speed Booster was a Plasmid that existed in early versions of BioShock, but was ultimately cut from the final version of the game. It allowed the player to run at tremendous speeds for a brief period of time, ultimately serving a function similar to the Aero Dash Plasmid from BioShock 2 Multiplayer.[1] Posters for the Plasmid can still be seen in early screenshots of the game.

Specifications (At the time)Edit

  • Use: Drastically increases movement speed.
  • EVE Cost: 6
  • Duration: 6 Sec
  • Slot Bonus: Additional 1 sec per slot
  • Sales Pitch: Feeling tired? Run down? Need a boost to get your work done quicker? SpeedBooster is here! Splicing SpeedBooster increases your efficiency beyond your imagination! Soon that promotion will be yours!

    SpeedBooster: Quick like a Fox!


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