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House Heating & Venting
― Sign[src]

Springfield is a heating and ventilation company in Columbia. Springfield produced furnaces and fireplace mantels, made from material like hearth wood, for the homes of citizens.

BioShock Infinite[edit | edit source]

The Town Center branch.

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Town Center[edit | edit source]

A Springfield branch is located in New Eden Square of the Town Center. Booker DeWitt can spot the business when he waits for the parade float to pass by, so he can cross the bridge. Springfields is part of the same complex of buildings as the Grocery, Patriot's Pride and Wilson Bros. & Company Bottling Works, but is inaccessible due to its placement and also appears to be closed.

Downtown Emporia[edit | edit source]

The Market District store.

Another Springfield store is found in the Market District of Downtown Emporia. The business is located in between Wilson Bros. & Company Bottling Works and Patriot's Pride. The store is blocked by one of the furnaces produced by the company, stuck in the door, indicating internal vandalism from the Vox Populi. The business' sign has been torn down and a furnace lays outside.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

  • The Springfield furnace was designed by Jonas Ronnegard.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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