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Static Discharge is a Gene Tonic that causes the user to emit an electric burst when struck by a melee attack, shocking and dealing damage to nearby enemies.


Challenge Rooms[]

In Worlds of Hurt, Static Discharge can be bought at the Gatherer's Garden in the central hub for 40 ADAM.

In A Shocking Turn of Events, Static Discharge can be found near a damaged Gatherer's Garden on the second floor.

Static Discharge 2 Icon


  • One should be very careful while using this tonic, as the resulting electric discharge can make nearby non-hostile Big Daddies become hostile if it hits them or their Little Sister.
  • These tonics can be a fairly effective defense against Thuggish Splicer ambushes in the early stages of the game, but the Electrified Thuggish Splicers that appear in BioShock's later stages have a complete immunity to the electric effect.
  • Static Discharge's damage output is increased by the Electric Flesh Gene Tonics.

Behind the Scenes[]

Barrel plasmid

Static Discharge, as listed in the strategy guide.

  • Interestingly, in the official BioShock strategy guide, the artwork for Static Discharge is different than how it appears in the game. Although guides have been known to use the wrong image before, it is still curious what this icon could mean, then.