Diary 5 Title Stay the Hand
Speaker Daisy Fitzroy
Level Factory
Date July the 5th, 1912
Stay the Hand
Stay The Hand
Transcript: Yeah, there's a war comin' -- you can smell it in the air. Fear. Hatred. People dyin' every day. But how many more will suffer if we rise up? Violence begets violence, I know this. I've seen this. The rational mind argues for a peaceful solution, to find a common ground, but... what common ground is there to find for a father who watches his child bleed out in the street? How do you deny him his vengeance? I know that fire that burns deep inside -- I know it all too well. And when the time comes... will I be able to stay the hand?

Location: On one of the desks in Fink's office.

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Behind the ScenesEdit

  • This Voxophone can occasionally be heard playing during the loading screen, if the player dies in Burial at Sea - Episode 2.
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