Summon the Big Sister to fight by your side! Warning: nothing lasts forever.
― Plasmid advertisement[src]

Summon Eleanor is a Plasmid available in BioShock 2. When selected, it manifests itself as a glowing purple globule formed from Subject Delta's palm. The globule has a small purple mist around it, and looks almost exactly identical to the Enrage Plasmid and the Security Bullseye Plasmid. When used, Eleanor Lamb will appear to help Delta in battle for a limited time. Using this Plasmid takes all of the remaining EVE the player has, whether full or partially full.

Eleanor is one of the most powerful combatants yet encountered in the BioShock series. In battle, she is an indestructible Big Sister, able to use all Big Sister powers, with additional unique skills of her own.

Summon Eleanor is given to the player by Eleanor herself in the Examination Rooms of Outer Persephone along with the final Plasmid Slot with which to equip it.

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  • This Plasmid has the highest EVE cost in the entire game. The best way to circumvent this is to summon Eleanor when one's EVE bar is close to empty.
  • Eleanor can be summoned an infinite amount of times. If she disappears too soon to the player's liking, simply cast the Plasmid again.
  • If faced against a large group of enemies, casting this Plasmid may actually cost the player less resources than if one chose to fight alone.

Eleanor's Combat StyleEdit


Eleanor as a Big Sister.

  • Telekinesis - She will use Telekinesis to pull in and impale Splicers with her main weapon, an arm-mounted ADAM needle. She will also use it to pull in and launch a volley of dozens of various objects from the environment.
  • Melee Strikes - Her various melee strikes are among the most damaging attacks in the game, able to stun even the largest enemies.
  • Mobility - She can jump to great heights, pursuing even the most distant foe. Like the Big Sisters, she can also push jump off of walls (repeatedly) in a split-second to change attack angles, ascend to a higher level, or dive towards a target.
  • Fireballs - For a ranged attack she will launch three giant fireballs in quick succession.
  • Teleportation - She also teleports repeatedly for tactical initiative, as opposed to Big Sisters who only teleport in two scripted in-game scenes.

With this arsenal of skills at her disposal, height, distance, cover, and armor mean nothing to Eleanor; she can make quick work of any enemies, sometimes incapacitating entire groups of Splicers before Delta can even see or hear them.

Help CaptionEdit

The Summon Eleanor Plasmid allows you to call on your now-grown Little Sister for help during combat.

Press _ to summon Eleanor.

Eleanor will start by targeting any enemy you hit with the Plasmid. However, she will stand by your side, continuing to fight any who get in your way, for the duration of the Plasmid's effect. While she is summoned, she can be re-targeted by hitting another foe with the Plasmid.

Eleanor's Big Sister suit and years of ADAM ingestion make her a powerful ally who can even the odds in even the most overwhelming combat situation.


Summon Eleanor

Summon Eleanor

Summon Eleanor introductory video.