Jackie Rodking Title Sunday Services
Speaker Jackie Rodkins
Level Pauper's Drop
Sunday Services
AD gNr045-lNr11 Jackie Rodkins - Sunday Services f0094
Transcript: Been hearin' rumors. Sounds like somebody name o' Wales is startin' up worship services down in Siren Alley, believe it or not. All faiths and creeds welcome, they says. They got big promises... salvation, immortality. A way outta here. I don't care how crazy it sounds -- a way outta Rapture's music to my ears. Next Sunday morning... I'll be there.

Location: On the floor next to a gatherable corpse on the first floor in the house where the Limbo is located. Accessible via the market and a staircase near the Limbo Room.

AD gNr045-lNr11 Jackie Rodkins - Sunday Services f0095

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