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B1 Surgical Savings1

Inside Surgical Savings.

Wallet a little light? At Surgical Savings we'll happily work out an affordable payment plan for any major procedure. Potentially terminal illnesses won't wait until payday. Should you?
― Public Address Announcements[src]

Surgical Savings was a small business situated in the Surgery Wing of the Medical Pavilion in Rapture.


When ADAM was discovered, cosmetic surgery got a big boost in quality operations. But not everybody had the luxury of a large, full wallet. That's why Surgical Savings was founded. When people didn't know what to do, they could visit and create a payment plan.


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By the time the Rapture Civil War was in full swing, Dr. Steinman had gone insane, and nobody dared to get an operation. And without customers, Surgical Savings went bankrupt. When Jack visits the small facility, there's not much left. The only operating chair is covered with blood, and a likely victim lies dead against the counter.

Items found in the Surgical Savings facility
  • On/in the cabinet:
    • Two bandages
    • 27 standard Auto Rounds
  • On/near the counter
  • Two buck shells
  • $1 in the register
  • One Armor-Piercing Pistol Round
  • One EVE hypo
  • $41
  • Three Armor-Piercing Pistol Rounds
  • Two First Aid Kits

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Audio DiaryEdit

  1. Dr. Steinman - Aphrodite Walking - On a surgery desk, in the northern operation room.