Survivor 01

Concept art of the unspliced survivor model.

For an unrelated Audio Diary removed from BioShock 2, see Survivors.

The Survivor was an enemy model created during development of BioShock 2, which was never used in the final game. Instead, it was repurposed as a Splicer model which only appeared for a brief moment in the game's opening cinematic.



The original Survivor models.

The Survivor model started out as a design for an unspliced citizen who had survived in Rapture after the events of the first game. These individuals would have been an integral part of the game world, and the player would have interacted with some of them through a Pneumo based trading system.[1]

Eventually, the Survivor idea was cut from the storyline, but the model itself remained. The figure was re-textured as a Splicer model that appears in the "Hunting the Big Sister" trailer. Concept art for this model also appears in the Deco Devolution artbook depicting him with a long barrel shotgun and a diver's breathing apparatus. Despite the Survivor model having a full face, his revision as a Splicer implies that most of his facial features and teeth are missing.[2]

BioShock 2Edit

Bio2 Prelude Survivor Crushed by Subject Delta

The Survivor's only appearance in BioShock 2.

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Despite the extensive concept art for multiple, re-textured models, the Survivor's role was further reduced by the time BioShock 2 shipped. The only inclusion of this Survivor model in the game appears in the begining cutscene, as one of the 1958 Splicers that surround young Eleanor. Subject Delta steps on him by dropping from a staircase above, so he is never clearly seen. One distinct trait of this model is the right sleeve is marked with a broken "Great Chain" symbol. Though the Survivor model does not appear again, the broken Great Chain symbol can be found on the back of the suited Crawler Splicer model.


Bio Shock 2 - Big Sister Trailer

Bio Shock 2 - Big Sister Trailer

"Hunting the Big Sister" trailer.
BioShock 2 Intro

BioShock 2 Intro

The BioShock 2 prologue.


Behind the ScenesEdit

Crawler chain1

The Survivor's broken chain symbol on the Crawler's back.

  • Although the model was repurposed for a Splicer, he still shows very little, if any mutations when seen during the demo.
  • The broken Great Chain symbol can be found on the back of the suited Crawler model.


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