…I was frozen! I couldn't move, but I could see… and I saw them… saw them take my Susie away… But I'm going to march over to that orphanage, and after I find her… I'm going to find them…
― Barbara Johnson[src]

Susie Johnson is the daughter of Fred and Barbara Johnson, born in Rapture.


Even though times got rougher in Rapture, Fred felt that splicing was inappropriate in front of the children, refusing Barbara to do so.[1] While out in the streets of the city, along with her mother, Susie was almost "killed" by a Big Daddy while trying to play with a Little Sister. This event led Barbara to take matters into her own hands, against her husband's wishes, Barbara began splicing to protect her child.[2] This led Barbara to become an ADAM-addict. While desperate for ADAM, Barbara let unknown men (who turned out to work for the Little Sister's Orphanage) into her home, who then proceeded to kidnap Susie. In an attempt to save her daughter, Barbara shocked one of the men, but was left powerless after being frozen by Winter Blast. Barbara, enraged by the event, swore that she would get her daughter back and take revenge on the men that took Susie.[3]

Susie was more than likely turned into a Little Sister.


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