Bioshock is coming alone.

Why I Hate Wiki's

Okay, so I put up the extensive merger of's vandalism with the original. Basically, has the issue of fanboyism, wanting everyone to Harvest, and atrocious grammar (not claiming I'm perfect either but...). Oh, and he replaced the entire article. (And yes, I replaced it aswell)

A revert would have worked but the previous version wasn't much better.

Basically, spoilers (especally methods for beating a "boss") should be avioded, I reincorporated and rewrote the section so that it explains how Bioshock's environment can be used in combat. (A note: Unlike SystemShock, Hacking in bioshock freezes the game... you need not stun an enemy to hack a console)

Blatant Praise is more annoying than useful. Reading "OMGz BIOSHOCK is the BEST GAME EVAR" is more likely to make people think otherwise than expanding the current article. Explain why bioshock is "awesome" if it is truely great then you should be able to paint that picture with words... not leave me wondering if its just a fanboy thing.

I think made most of these type edits but... [soure_text|descriptive_text] the descriptive text should allways be similar to the source text, changing the U-Invent to "a vending machine" is confusing, Wiki's LOVE to link to eachother, and if someone wanted to know what a U-Invent was they would click the link, or there could be text explaining it... but you shouldn't go renaming the World of Rapture. (And it's not a spoiler to tell people there are "little sisters" and "Big Daddys" in the game...)

There were various other aspects, including a few repetitive lines (Mainly talk about Plasmids and EVE). Out of context thoughts (parethises are okay in conversation, but try to incorporate the words phrases instead of separate them). Some personal opionions and some general confusion caused by rushed writting.

I didn't work on expanding the article, mainly removing everything that was... bad... and trying to organize it into a more concise format... eitherway, what I wanted to point out was whether this gets reverted or not, it was a bloody lot of work. If you want to expand a wiki thats fine, but blatantly rewriting it without even discussing your rewrites... Meh, it's your problem now... I was just putting up my edits to the page before the server went down. (or I got banned, perhaps) 18:25, 15 March 2009 (UTC)

Gameplay Modes

What are the differences in the game on Easy, Medium, and Hard? If someone knows, could they make a sextion on the page because I don't know and I don't want to put an unfinshed section on the article. 21:32, 28 April 2009 (UTC)

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