So the Fire isnt in herEdit

She JUST discovered this about Columbia ? She is how old or came to Columbia when? - and she ignored what was going on all that time ?  She lived at 'The Big House', but people still whisper in the back-stairs.

And Is it  the talk of an opportunist who sees a way of gaining power thru exploiting the plight of others. 

Wheels within wheels (missing?).  The downtrodden might look at her with suspicion and say 'Spy', Tool of the Founders' (Columbia's environment is perfect for a whole system of informers).     And its not that big - cant really be very 'deep underground' in such a place.  Individuals daren't talk to those beside them without it likely to be reported.  Prevents organized resistance - its why despots use such methods.

Columbia, more a police state than most other places, would be chock full of informers.

Testxyz 00:52, August 19, 2013 (UTC)

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