Camera and a Voxphone...Edit


Yes if only you just had to see something to then make it and then make it into a practical consumer product.

Whats that line --"The Captain has asked me to make a mneomonic-memory-cell with stone knives and bearskins..."

Fink is such a caveman trying to make things from 50+ years later when he hasnt ALL the associated skills/knowledge/tools/materials (and not really even a good look at whatever the thing is).

Gee-net-ick manip-u-lay-shens?  Sure - I'll just whittle one up for you if you give me a week....

The thought, sweat and brilliance of hundreds of thousand of people it takes to create such things and Fink pretty much just gets it done by waving his hands at it.      At least Harry Potter is given a Magic Wand.

Translation? Edit

Google Translate is giving me "Hence the force?" or "Hence vigor?" for "Unde Vigores?"

It doesn't seem to make much sense unless there's some pun on a Latin phrase that I'm not seeing.

The closest I've found are the phrases “Unde venis?" and “Quo vadis?” meaning “From where have you come?” and “To where are you going?”.

They apparently are the traditional questions asked by a doctor to a patient.

Quo vadis? is also the phrase asked by Jesus to Peter.

So a more appropriate translation for "Unde Vigores?" seems to be "From where do Vigors come from?"

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