Tasha Denu
As to your question, yes, my days in beekeeping school are a blur, but I do seem to remember something about that enzyme you keep blabbing on about.
― Tasha Denu[src]

Tasha Denu was the owner of the Silverwing Apiary in the Farmer's Market of Rapture.


Before arriving into the underwater city, Denu attended an unnamed beekeeping school.[1] She brought her apiculture expertise to Rapture where the honey her bees produced was bought as a delectable treat while the bees themselves served the invaluable function of pollinating the city's plants and flowers.

Like the rest of the business-type of Rapture, Denu took great pride in her work. She had apparently established an acquaintance with Professor Julie Langford of Langford Research Laboratories, who under repeated occasions entered the apiary to study Enzyme Samples for her botanical research. A supercilious woman, Denu thought about charging Langford for her visits and exaggeratedly threatened Langford with her Shotgun. Regardless of this, Denu still took the time to answer Langford's questions about the enzymes.[1]

During the Rapture Civil War, Denu was seemingly about to mail her Audio Diary Bee Enzyme to Langord via a Pneumo Tube when she was killed near the entrance to Arcadia.


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As Jack enters the Farmer's Market to find the ingredients for the The Lazarus Vector, he comes across Denu's corpse and her dropped belongings, including her Audio Diary and a honey jar. The items point him in the direction of the Enzyme Samples needed to resurrect Arcadia.

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