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This is one of the telescopes around Columbia.

BSI Telescope Model Render.png

Telescopes are used for viewing the sights all around Columbia. There are a total of eleven telescopes within the game. Using them all is essential to achieve the "Sightseer" Achievement/Trophy.


  1. Town Center - to the left, after the boy hands the telegram to Booker. Through the telescope, Robert Lutece can be seen juggling next to his "twin", Rosalind; the two are not visible before or after using the telescope.
  2. Comstock Center Rooftops - on a flying police barge, after exiting Raven headquarters just before you enter the Monument Island Gateway.
  3. Monument Island - on the edge of a platform near the maintenance room to the left side when you ride the skyline the first time (after leaving the Monument Island Gateway).
  4. Battleship Bay - on the observation platform, after riding the trolley just before you enter the Soldier's Field Welcome Center.
  5. Finkton Docks - near the gondola on Fort Franklin Pier, before you enter the Worker Induction Center.
  6. Shantytown - on a balcony in the Bull Yard overlooking the front of the Bull House Impound.
  7. Finkton Proper - at the top of the stairs leading into the Factory.
  8. Factory - Factory Docks, in the back of the boarding platform of The First Lady, by the guard railing next to a control panel.
  9. Emporia - on the right side of the gondola to Grand Central Depot.
  10. Downtown Emporia - between the Memorial Gardens and Victory Square.
  11. Comstock House - at the docking port, just before boarding the gunship to the Hand of the Prophet.


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