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Tennessee 111 Horse Ale Advertisement

Tennessee 111 Horse Ale is a brand of ale in Rapture. Due to its name one can assume that the business, or its founder, originated from Tennessee, United States.


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Jack encounters signs for Tennessee 111 Horse Ale during his adventure in Rapture, usually in bars or restaurants alike, such as The Fighting McDonagh's Tavern in Neptune's Bounty, the Central Square Bistro of Olympus Heights and in both the Fleet Hall (from where it was sold from the tap) and Eve's Garden in Fort Frolic. Tennessee 111 Horse Ale signs are commonly seen along Ryan Club Beer Ale and 123 Beer advertisements.

BioShock 2 Multiplayer[]

Fighting McDonagh's Multiplayer Menu
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Tennessee 111 Horse Ale is most prominently seen in the multiplayer version of The Fighting McDonagh's Tavern, where three distillery tanks containing Tennessee 111 Horse Ale can be found in the facility's brewery. 111 Horse, along Wissmuller Beer, was sold for 10¢ from the tap at the tavern. Signs for Tennessee 111 Horse Ale are also seen in the multiplayer versions of the Kashmir Restaurant, Fort Frolic and Arcadia.

Behind the Scenes[]

Tennessee Ale
  • As seen in BioShock: Breaking the Mold and on the back of the PlayStation 3 manual for BioShock, Tennessee 111 Horse Ale was originally called "Tennessee 12 Horse Ale".
    • If one would look at a Tennessee 111 Horse Ale signs with the art subtitles on, the subtitle text will read "12 Horse Ale".